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  1. I keep seeing people ask for a Planescape: Torment sequel. Planescape is a huge Dungeons and Dragons world, Torment was the first game in that universe these people had to work on. However, they could much more easily work on a Planescape based game. Planescape might cost them some money, but the Torment license belongs to the publishers. However I really do feel that it would be a great idea for them to visit a world that isn't licensed by any current development operation.

  2. Please make another rpg on the Planescape Torment universe. The settings, the characters, the themes, everything is so engaging and creative.Isometric view with crisp graphics would be ideal imho (not everything has to ''change'' look at Diablo 3), yet it could also be fully 3D.*Note: A full remake or remaster of the first game would also work.

    The Planescape universe isn't part of the Torment theme. They could make a Planescape based game, for a lot less money than a followup to Torment. As for a remaster of the game, you might consider looking at GOG (good old games) for the first version of PS:T, and there is a nice widescreen/high resolution mod available. I use a 42" TV as my monitor, but I've had it for a number of years, so it only uses 1360x768 resolution. The game was beautiful, at the original vertical resolution. There are higher resolutions available, but 2D art scales much better than 3D. Quake III looks alright, but it doesn't really scale too well over time. As a 2D game, Planescape will be just as attractive as it ever was, in twenty years. With a tablet, it will never look any better than it does now, and is actually quite playable on a tablet. While I know I showed the game to my nephew, and he skipped past all the introductory text, and said "this game is boring" and I had to inform him he effectively just flipped through a book and called it boring.

  3. I would also like to stress something else. Nowadays if you need a rope to climb down a hole, the game goes out of the way to tell you, the rope will be a "quest item" that can't be dropped and possibly has to be acquired by doing a quest! I remember a time when this was much more organic, ropes would be just common items you found around and/or bought in stores and it was up yo you to realize where and if it could be used (though the text description may had very well clued you in... and yet your attributes should play a part in what that description says and how much it clues you in!).Special quest items are obviously gonna happen, but all the "common" things you pick up can also be very useful, there's a broken [insert equipment here] in that corner, what if I use this toolkit on it? Hey that door is locked, what if I use this crowbar on it? is that a lamp there, what if I use this lighter on it? If you happen to have those items in you inventory, cool! If you don't, well that's your problem. If your skills/attributes are enough, cool! If they aren't, well bummer.

    Fallout had ropes as an item to acquire through merchants, and the only time you were informed you needed them is if you didn't have one (or did, but didn't use it) and came to a point where it was a required item to proceed. I imagine that they aren't the sort of developers who would make handholding the priority over player immersion.

    So in my opinion you should be careful about how much money you are expecting out of this. If you're lucky, you can repeat the success that Double Fine had. But still you probably should not put in a number such as 1 million dollars to start with.It's clear that Double Fine aimed too low with 300.000 for the game (+100.000 for the documentary), but you have to remember that you don't usually see numbers this high on Kickstarter. You should probably aim for a game that you can make with a few people and a low budget of something like 500.000 dollars.So from the technical side something old school without voice acting and probably with 2D art.And then the idea of this entire thing is to fund a game that wouldn't get made through the classical publishing process. And I do believe that your chances of Kickstarter success are highest if you do something like that.That being said I would like to play a truly fantastical game again. As in a game outside of the boring elves'n'dwarves fantasy worlds. And I would like to play something that is really heavy on story. Which doesn't necessarily mean that there has to be a lot of story, but rather that the story is very important to the game.Otherwise I'll trust you to do something awesome. :)

    If you have an amount of 300-400k, you can receive a significant loan with that as collateral. This will provide -much- lower interest rates than if you used any other form of collateral. Often times they look at a 20% down loan as an investment, and they will finance you for much more reasonable rates.
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  4. Personally, even though I advocated the use of a series that hasn't ever had any CRPGs based on it, I imagine that any original IP created by Obsidian would be amazing. Their writing has really impressed me over the years, they're some of the most creative developers out there IMHO. The one failing, to me, is caused by deadlines. Being able to have a Kickstarter project, where they control the release schedule, and their players are able to contribute over the course of the project.


    While I suggested the Mistborn universe, because I read where Chris (IIRC) said that they like working in established universes, because it allows them to focus entirely on the story, rather than developing a world... I think we should avoid suggesting worlds that are licensed by other companies. Fallout, Arcanum, the Warhammer universe... They're all licensed by other companies. I'm not familiar with some of the other worlds suggested, but I think that worlds that haven't been visited in the form of a CRPG should really be our focus if we're not advocating them creating a world.

  5. I would love to see another G.U.R.P.S. style Isometric RPG, but I've always wanted a few things that are more viable now than they have been in the past. I would love to see the ability to burn down wooden structures, or open a hole in a wall with a sledge hammer. I realize that this sort of dynamic destruction would have been difficult to implement in the past, but with Phys-X that sort of possibility is more realistic. It has always confounded me that I can, perhaps break open a chest, and if I'm extremely fortunate a door, but a wooden wall provides some immutable obstacle to my progress.


    The ability to open unlocked windows, break locked windows, and use them as entrances/exits to buildings would also be quite useful. I've often wondered why it is impossible to scramble over some smaller debris present in isometric games. I realize that from an artistic standpoint debris can be a nice way to break up the monotony of yet another wall, and that from a level design standpoint it's important to be able to wall of some locations, but it can sometimes be quite frustrating to the player. I'd also like to see the ability to roll explosives (grenades in a more modern world, less sophisticated devices in other universes) down staircases. I would love to be able to roll a tear gas grenade or hurl a flask of noxious cloud producing liquid down a staircase into an entrenched foe.


    I would like to see ice, muck, and other types of terrain that affect footing. Being able to cross a frozen lake, and being able to do it without falling are two different things. Wading through the muck in plate or combat armor alike becomes quite tedious and will slow your progress immensely. As such, they can be quite useful as parts of strategic ambush points.


    Personally, I know this is a pipe dream, but I would really love to see a game set in Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn universe. Preferably in the same time period as The Alloy of Law. It's a steampunk sort of world, where a unique form of magic coexists with rudimentary technology, but without the whole magic vs tech concerns that were present in Arcanum.

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