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  1. so my priest got knocked out in battle, and after the battle her foot seemed to be stuck in the ground because she was trying to walk around but couldn't (also, while this was happening, i noticed i couldn't zoom in or out, it stayed as zoomed in as possible).

    i reloaded and the issue was fixed, but now i have this (incase if it's a graphics thing i've got an amd card btw):



  2. I can use spells I've had from the start of the game, but when I leveled up and selected new spells in levels 2 and 3, when I click on the buttons for level 2 and 3 spells, there's nothing there


    edit: ...oh wait, there's a grimoire in my inventory.  i see now.  that's not very intuitive.  shouldn't there be a spellbook icon in the main ui.

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