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  1. Wastes of time.

  2. Finished chapter four tonight.

  3. Found several big game design flaws in PS:T. Doesn't ruin the experience, but hopefully Obsidian will do a lot better than these dead-ends.

  4. Sunday October 21st will be a free day for my novel as well now - http://amzn.to/VcIL9p

  5. My novel, Unequited, is available for a free promotion on Amazon on October 20th! http://amzn.to/VcIL9p

  6. I really like the game mechanics for Storm of Zehir. :)

  7. In honor of PE's KS Campaign winding down, I'm giving PS:T another shot.

  8. Interview with Brian Mitsoda is up - http://ingenre.com/?p=6409

  9. Son of a... finally finish Chapter 3.

  10. Almost finished chapter three of the new novel. VERY SLOW GOING> :(

  11. Interview with Chris Avellone up - http://ingenre.com/?p=6388

  12. Being in the grey is not a choice, it is indecision. Whether you conceal yourself in the dark or bathe yourself in the light is up to you, but choose you must.

  13. My book, Unrequited, is available as a free e-book today and tomorrow - http://amzn.to/VpoEHc

  14. Even in the grey, one can see the shadows and the luminance. Yours is the choice of which to approach.

  15. Tales are best told that are not predisposed towards light or dark. The grey of "what is" is better.

  16. I was really hoping there'd be more maturity on the Obsidian forums. Naive, I guess.

  17. Realizing that, where I am hanging out now more than ever, I have to bite my tongue about all the PS:T worship.

  18. People really don't understand Kickstarter. At. All. AT ALL!!!!

  19. I've played D&D since 1983, all versions, and I've never liked spell memorization. Deal with it. :)

  20. All the wind in my sails for PE has just been taking away. Good luck to the Dr.'s.

  21. I want Project Eternity to be Obsidian's Avengers. Just, you know, cheaper to make. And not a movie.

  22. I blame Twitter and Facebook mentality for why people think that three days after a project is started that EVEYRTHING SHOULD BE KNOWN!

  23. Excited for Project Eternity. Duh.

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