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  1. I mean, look at the success GoG have had.


    Hi Wulf


    GOG is a small operation with very few mouths to feed out of the money they generate. None of the developers of those old titles see a penny from the game sales, the profits from sales go to CDProjekt and the publishers who own the IPs. That (beyond the GoG team themselves) no ones livelihood is wholly dependent upon their sales is why it is a 'success'. That it exists as an operation doesn't necessarily equate to there being a massive market for an old skool RPGs I'm afraid.


    Certainly there's probably some market, but whether it could be mined profitably is another matter entirely, as not only is it a case of keeping your overheads low, but also selling your product at a price point that is going to be attractive to customers.

  2. Envisage you're part of a crew of about 50 - 60 in a research facility out somewhere in deep space either on a inhospitable planet/moon space station, and the overarching storyline is about surviving an impending catastrophe until earth/the federation etc send a rescue team. The decisions you make and the alliances you build with your fellow crew members impact upon how things play out. For example do you risk trying to rescue the team that at trapped out in a blizzard due to vehicle failure and risk the lives of more people, or do you try and come up with a better plan? What's the blowback on your success or failure? How does the heavily pregnant wife of that engineer who you sent to his death react when you break the news to her? Does she blame you? Him for being foolhardy? Those idiots who went off ill prepared in the first place? How does her grief impact future events? Does she lose hope? The will to live? maybe even the baby? What if it's a relief to her given the baby wasn't even his in the first place? In fact why was it that the couplings on the rescue vehicle went?


    Something where every NPC has some value, agenda and is reactive to events would be a really interesting space to explore. A smaller more detailed arena would suit this rather than a spawling game space like Skyrim.

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  3. I'd like to see something like a technological thriller set within a persistent open world environment (like a closed colony ship/Island/large orbital space station). Something potentially Sci-fi/Futuristic/Cyber-punk, but without recourse to the usual tropes in terms of visual styling that have become synonymous with those genres, or illogical concessions to game play (Adam Jensen - head of Sarif security having to mooch ammo everywhere for instance). Also something where in violence is rare and the killing of someone is hugely significant. I'm not against violence, but I think we've had enough cannon fodder in games (the kill count in a typical FPS is ludicrous tbh), and it would be good to see the medium move beyond the waves of red shirts approach and make the act of violence impactful (as it should be) rather than the norm. I think by the time I encountered that 'special someone' in GTA IV I'd executed over 600 people, so whether I let him live or die was kind of meaningless (even more so given I had no sense of betrayal by him in the game). Where as deciding whether Henry Leland should live or die was a big moment. More of that please.

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