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  1. I really can't think of anyone else better qualified than Obsidian to make a new NWN style game. Not asking for D&D but just a D20 style system which we can plug in any D20 system we like. It could be a good long-term moneymaker for Obsidian as you churn out content packs for sale and the occasional adventure. Perhaps even setup licensing deals for specific IPs - D&D, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, Paranoia, Fallout, etc. Cryptic seemed to be on the right path with Neverwinter untill their buyout by Perfect World (oh the irony of that name).


    As someone who grew up with PnP and spent many years MUDding too, I miss those group session and smaller persistant worlds. Being just another face in the crowd of an MMO has never appealed to me and the genre is useless given how long it takes for new content to make it to market. Doing a new NWN style game - increasing population caps to say 100-300 - would allow for some amazingly organic persistant worlds to crop up that would instill a real sense of community. This would in turn foster incredible longevity for said game, and provide Obsidian the opportunity for a consistent long-term moneymaker.


    Anyway, just my two coppers on the matter. I know I'd dearly love to see something like this.




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