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  1. As predicted the game was pretty much a complete failure. It offered no kind of re-playability so people moved on from it quite quickly. It's unfortunate, as a Dungeon Siege sequel this game had a lot of potential, however the developers took it in a direction clearly the vast majority (proven by how dead these forums are / lack of sales / generally low review scores) were not happy with.



    Don't know about a failure. I have played all the rest, and this one is definitely different from those in look and feel and may be a disappointment to some. The one thing that remains is the Linear aspect of the game, at least from what I've seen so far.

  2. I have played all the dungeon Siege stuff and just got this. Go to the first town and got my first side quest ( release the prisoners in the cave ). You get swamped in that cave. Talk about having the odds stacked against you. I was playing on normal and cut it back to casual, but that didn't really help all that much. Sure do miss the health potions. :) May have to go back to the village and run some other side quests and see if can level up a bit more. Can't hurt. That having been said, I wouldn't necessarily call it too hard ( the same was said about The Witcher 2 ), but exceptionally challenging, even in casual mode. I guess that is one way to extend the playing time. I am starting to rack up some time in this thing already and 95% of it has been in that cave :)

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