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  1. Not as funny as ancient nutty Chinese philosophers posting on gaming message boards.

    Welcome back!

  2. Yeah, that wasn't impressive. But thanks, anyway.

  3. So you left Black Francis lyrics, instead.


  4. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

    How you doing?

  5. I've been Christmasing. Boring.

  6. why the sad goodbye?

  7. I thought From a Motel 6 was great. Tom Courtenay, however I found lacking. I'm not the biggest Yo La Tengo fan though.

  8. I did. Thank you for your kindness. I haven't played the songs yet, though.

  9. Yep, that's right

  10. We aim to please. :)

  11. Happy birthday to you too. :)

  12. Don't you play TF2, anymore?

  13. Should I feel insulted?

  14. *skins and cooks the bunny*

  15. I mean, Tale!

  16. I love you, Stale.

  17. Hey, congratz!

    So, now that we know what the M stands for, what about the L?

  18. Lots of

    Americans do that with Portugal. The general consensus here is that it happens because average Americans are uncultured beasts, who know ****all about history, and have a problem getting their heads out of their own asses.

  19. Yes, you clearly offended me. What you don't know is that I'm actually Stepanov, and I let Torres pass by me while I stood there looking dumb. You just rubbed salt in my wounds.

  20. So who do you despise you little twit?

  21. I guess I'm playing stalker. And I don't mean the game.

  22. I'm doing fine, my Canuck friend. How's the puppy?

  23. Pretend this is a nice and cuddly comment, oh girly person

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