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  1. I hear you guys, but we must also consider the implications: Demon's Souls is one of those games that rarely show up and blow you away. In my case, I would love for such a game to be ported, mainly, because I think such a gem should be preserved (which will of course not happen if it stays console-exclusive, for the moment the PS4 rears its head, give or take a few years for the sands of time to swallow the PS3 library). Besides, if memory serves me right, I think From licensed DeS engine (Phyre I believe it's called) in order to make DaS.
  2. Seeing as it worked with Dark Souls, might as well give Demon's a go at a PC port. Yes, I know Sony co-developed it, but I still believe it's worth a shot. http://petitionburea...demonssoulstopc
  3. Apparently its enhanced editions of both Baldur's Gate games. I just hope that 'modern improvements' include the restored cut content from the Unfinished Business mods. Man, that'd be so sweet.
  4. Fans of hardcore tactical shooters everywhere, rejoice! *squeak* http://www.kickstart...actical-shooter
  5. I searched on the DA Nexus site per se, yet it yielded no results whatsoever. Worst of all, I don't even remember the name of the mod. The only thing I remember is that it converted the faces of 'over 1244 npcs'. Don't know what anyone can make of it. I figured since I'd created an account here, might as well ask. Since you are talking about the Nexus I assume you have an account with them. Just go to the forum portion, not the actual site and remake this thread, they are better qualified to help you and probably will give you more links. Or you could dedicate an afternoon to look trough every DA2 facemod. Not really. I just happened to be lurking there one day and stumbled upon the mod. Thanks anyway.
  6. Sorry, maybe I wasn't very clear in my previous post. What I meant to say was that this mod I'm looking for replaces NPC HEADS with their very same ones but the new heads look like they were modeled using the DA2 engine. Nothing changes their heads per se (e.g. eyes, nose, etc.) It's the VERY SAME HEADS but with a more DA2 look to them.
  7. I searched on the DA Nexus site per se, yet it yielded no results whatsoever. Worst of all, I don't even remember the name of the mod. The only thing I remember is that it converted the faces of 'over 1244 npcs'. Don't know what anyone can make of it. I figured since I'd created an account here, might as well ask. If searching the DA Nexus site was a wild goose chase, I bet you know what to expect going the Google way.
  8. Hi everyone. I made this thread with the sole purpose to ask you guys a question: I once spotted a mod at Dragon Age Nexus that did something along the lines of 'remaking' every single NPC face to look more DA2-like. Keep in mind that I'm referring to a face-only mod. While the face seemed to have been modeled using the DA2 engine, the rest of the NPCs' bodies remained exactly the same. If anyone can point me in the right direction or even provide a link, I would be most grateful.
  9. If licensing wasn't such a female dog, I was a-thinking it would be nice to see either Baldur's Gate: The Black Hound or Fallout Van Buren pull a phoenix and resurrect from their ashes. Just picture this: the very same game, only 100% completed, with some tiny tiney polish. I'm sure you all know the five words the Lonely Island would say.
  10. - Isometric perspective that allows to zoom in and out a la DA:O - Voice acting optional - Deep multi-dimensional, lovable characters - Non-sexualized, strong, relatable female characters (no DD-cups, no high heels) - Choices that affect the world and its people - Turn-based combat - Must-use skill sets - Original IP - If it hasn't been tried before and you really want to do it, go for it. - Not your typical setting, characters or story. Typical nothing. - Mature themes - If possible, no cliches or archetypes. - Engaging and immersive narrative (not that I need to ask) - A whole variety of ways to interact with NPCs, party memebers and the world itself. - A party that can travel with me at all times (if they need to split up, play from all the groups' POVs) - If possible, no romance at all, just bonding. - No fetch, kill this, go there kind of quests. - No mainstreaming, casualizing, or dumbing down. - Singleplayer-centric. - Full control of party members. - No co-op.
  11. Burning Band of Scorch, Talisman of the Grand Mage, Bite of the Arakun, Medallion of St. Elys, Annulus of Force, Sacred Heart of the Legion and Treasures of the Sun.
  12. Three posts ago I forgot to mention the Familiar Surgeons and the Bound, who were all wiped out by the Mercenary and his/her companions (Broken World).
  13. I wouldn't say that. Every voice had a certain charm that made each character unique and special. I would even say I almost figured their personality traits. That's why when I heard, for example, Lothar and Amren new voices, I felt like they were the same Lothar and Amren I knew, but at the same time they weren't. Off topic, the whole remake issue comes from the fact that I've been in love with DS3 the moment I watched the intro and saw Marten Guiscard up-close. The level of detail just stunned me. Also the characters and their proper skills. It was nice playing as a completely unique character with a proper name, background, personality and ties to the Legion. The Farmer and the Mercenary, while awesome in their own rights, could do with a little more depth. Then there's the easter eggs: the Farmer's statue, the fact that Lucas and Reinhart descend from the Farmer and Merik respectively, the dead overburdened mule, the quest called 'Dungeon Siege', the Heroes' tombs which some contained their personal items. The DS1 references. I couldn't help but smile at the guardian at Gunderic Manor after trying so hard to figure out the password to Gunderic's studio. I would love to see such thorough design applied to an overhaul for DS1-LoA, DS2-BW and ToA. Of course maintaining the elements that makes these games unique in their own ways. If not, I settle for a PC port for Throne of Agony, so I can play it once and for all.
  14. I'm just gonna say, off the top of my head and not wanting to offend anyone, that even though reviews gave the marks they gave, one thing I knew for sure: Obsidian impressed me with NWN 2 and I was sure they weren't going to disappoint with DS3, and they didn't. I LOVE THE GAME. The characters, the story, the soundtrack, the combat system, the skills. Man, I can almost say I felt for the Legion's plight as well as Odo's.
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