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  1. I'm not going to leave any Karen O lyrics here. But I will drop by to say "hey."

  2. These kids and their mall-core. Sheesh.

  3. Yah dude... your bud must have found the secret way to rip from YouTube!

  4. Christ... now THAT was a hiatus. Welcome back.

  5. do you have the first arcade fire? i can hook it up, man.

  6. Our assclown "record label" guy hasn't got back to me yet. I swear, I should just mail you the damn CD myself. :)

  7. Sorry I did a post-and-run yesterday. Didn't mean to leave you hanging, old pal!

  8. Yes, I'm back. Back like a cat.

  9. F'in Celtics.

  10. when i said "cowbell", i meant "wood block"

  11. check your e-mail. you've got a few doses of awesome in there.

  12. so you go to any of that SXSW nonsense?

  13. wow, this time i was gone so long i actually had to log in to the forum. damn!

  14. so.... i've been listening to orange rhyming dictionary a lot lately. I think i like jets to brazil more than jawbreaker. does that mean i'm not punk?

    cause i don't think i've been punk for like three years now.

  15. Happy New Year!

    Thought you'd like to know I kept up my two-year tradition of listening to "Jesus Christ" on Xmas. Both versions!

  16. So, Kor, I see you're a sorcerer now. I had no idea you were so magical!

    And I'm a .... theurgist. So watch out, 'cause I'm about to theurg something up in here.

  17. I don't know how to use the internets.

    Also, "super-retard" is a misleading term. Wouldn't that just mean normal?

  18. I can't be-leeeeve you, babe

    do you believe innnnn me?

  19. You know it's odd... I've found that my long absences from the forum seem to coincide with my streaks of productivity at work. Must be a coincidence, right?

  20. i left you a present in your gmail. it's not a puppy.

  21. We're not talking about someone who built the railroads here, Walter.

  22. Charles Barkley is The Chosen One... and he must choose!

  23. You're crazy.

    But I have faith that you will moderate wisely.

  24. Is that Natalie Portman in Garden State?

    You know things would have been a lot different if she said "NOFX will change your life" in that movie.

  25. I think I'm magic number 300! Do I get a prize?

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