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  1. Was just looking through this message board. There lots of people here for 10+ years. Obsidian community is EXTREMELY loyal (we all know that message boards from early 2000s are dead!). New Alpha Protocol will be nice but we love Obsidian for all these old school games not those for Xbox.
  2. I don't think things will be that bad. Microsoft made several moves recently - bought GitHub, started Linux subsystem project, all these projects with Android launchers, free iPhone software. What for? How are they going to make it profitable? They are making money on their cloud services, Office and new PCs with Windows 10. Xbox is the second source of money. But there are lots of studios more commercially succesful, more convenient than inXile and Obsidian. But both have their own reputation - like GitHub they are full of talent and it is what Microsoft under Nadella is searching for. If I am right. Obsidian don't lose much - new Black Isle was founded, if things get bad they can open new studio. We will back on KickStarter.
  3. A bit confused though I don't think it is bad news. Microsoft is really getting better under Satya Nadella as a CEO - Microsoft services nowadays are less tied to Windows platform than they used to. And definitely Microsoft is not EA. Good luck, Obsidian! Still enjoying your games.
  4. I've just found some time to play games again and enjoyed Alpha Protocol for the first time this week. My perception of games has changed, haven't played for two years at all. I think it is a great interactive narrative, I enjoy the way the story is being told. It is not easy to quit gaming after such a long time without videogames. Installed Banner Saga today.
  5. To my mind, Veronica Mars is one of the best charactors ever, a teen with an unusual life, very cute
  6. iPhone sounds great but a common no-name PDA is an everyday gadget which will look real enough.
  7. It's business, nothing else. The deal is profitable for the both companies. EA got 2 studios to increase their share of the market and Bioware got the publisher for everything they develop.
  8. This game is so cinematic, an essensial piece to my collection. If the story is like it seems to be at the moment, the will be a brilliant addition.
  9. I didn't believe when Russian National Team got the gold medals of the Eurobasket 2007. I thought I was dreaming. Nobody believed that our guys could win the championship but they made it that's why I'm so proud of them. Andrey Kirilenko showed that he is one of the best europeanian players.
  10. All right, I'm not competent enough but it's just working like a gas explosion but is not the real gas explosion, my mistake. Russian goverment traditonally invest big amounts of money in the army so that's not something comletely unexpected. And everything isn't so bad to emigrate.
  11. Sorry then. I've only read Russian references. It was written that it was just like a gas explosion.
  12. There is nothing extrodinary in this bomb. It is just the most powerful one but not the hardest to construct.
  13. I'm only 16 and my opinion won't be the most complete one. Zubkov said that he may become Russian next president, Ivanov wanted this position so much, but it is still just imitation of the real politics. As for me, I don't know for sure who will be the next president but I'm sure the direction of my my country won't change, the direction back to the Soviet system with minor changes and imitation democracy. Maybe I'm a little pessimistic.
  14. Russian politics. A theme which is sometimes the most intresting. Maybe not. But the next president would be a heir, that's right. And I'm sure that the polytics won't change in the next 5-6 years in my country. Probably we won't feel the difference between the situation now and then.
  15. I played the first Halo game and it seemed to be one of the best shooter ever. It was the first sci-fi game, except KotOR, I really loved. That's why I'm looking forward to play the third game.
  16. 1. Skittles 2. Mars 3. Kit-Kat 4. Vozdushnyj 5. Dove
  17. It's one of the things I'm dreaming about. The first two games were really good looking ones and the two of my favorite of all time. 3D new look is something that will bring the interest back to the familiar places
  18. I was not talkin' about europeanian basket in general but about FIBA Europeanian Championship. The team USA showed their power at FIBA Americas. Argentina wasn't excellent. The Olympics will show us the actual state of affairs in basketball. Greece is not looking good enough to have pretensions for anything. Russia defeated them, Spain defeated them, I want be surprised if even Croatia defeat them. I'm lookin forward to the game between Russia and Spain tonight and between France and Lithuania tomorrow.
  19. I'm goin' to start a topic about a game with an orange ball which is played in Europe. As a fan of Russian National team I'm so proud of our team's success. I think we got the power to win medals. Any medals, we waited too long. France, Lithuania and Spain are strong, but i think we are better. We got guys like Andrey Kirilenko in our roster so we would struggle. Do u share my opinion that we got an opporunity to win?
  20. There was an information in one russian magazine that there will be some bonus content like Yavin 4 in Kotor 1
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