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  1. 1st chaacter im doing is lucas there 2 sample builds for each chacter this is lucas tanks build


    1-Stats to max-Armor Stamina,Block

    2)useful Chaos effects-Vampire,Warding Retribution,Weakening


    levels 2-5 profiecency live by the sword to max buy shield wall level 5

    levels2-5 talent point assignation-victory rush to the max buy heroic charge at level 9


    levels 6-10 deflecting shield profiency and talent devastating criticals to max


    levels 11-15 buy this abilities earthrendering strike level 12,and unbridled wrath level 15.

    lighting precision to max profiecency,and rejuvenation to max for talents


    levels16-20 buy vanguards strike at level 17 then wind shear level 20

    prof points buy willful charge to max talents focused strikes to max


    levels21-25 assign prof point to max for tremor talent points max to death defying


    levels 26-30 prof. points max to slow shear talents max to focused rage


    This is tank build use it if u want,I"ll do one build every other day.Next character is anjali till i post all 8 sample builds enjoy guys.


  2. I have the guide for this game,there is some custom basic builds for each character 2 for each.I can post some later which stats r best to use for the build,Best chaos addtions what points to use every level up .If anyones interested let me know it will be alot of typing though.

    Im using anjali burn and ignite,does lots of magical damage but is open for being attacked.This build is focused on will and attack stats maxing .It quite challenging to say least on normal mode,I bout died vs the witch boss in the cave.

    Cuz you sacfrice armor and block with equipping,for maxing out will and attack it either will or attack with some equipment.

  3. I dont think they need new game plus only way they could add something similar with dlc addon is this,Import completed saved game character as coop ai or friend..Once your other main character level is within 5 levels of completed one,You can choose to use your imported character make your current player the ai or something.

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