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  1. What I would do is try the demo, and make up my own mind. :)


    Sure, except the demo doesn't do multi player. Nice try at a comeback though :p


    As I said - I have no problems with the single player experience. Thats enjoyable enough if you're into Action RPGs. But current Co-op offerings do not live up what was expected by many. I would expect a larger amount of responses from the americans once we hit the 22nd, so it's not something you as a moderator, or Obsidian as the developer should try to downplay.


    What are you talking about ? The demo has both local and online multiplayer.. On the 360 anyway. You just can't choose your own co-op buddy, but u can join random online games..


    Nice comeback, huh ?

  2. Well I bought the game yesterday and just beat it, although its a very well made game suprised its only 4.4gb in size once installed on the 360, wish the game was a bit more open like Baldurs Gate or Diablo.


    Theres far too much loot and tons and tons of chests wish the game had more variety and perhaps a bit more like Dragon Age, although its better than Two Worlds 2 and Dragon Knight Saga by miles. Very good voice acting, good story and powers are nice.


    Hopefully we get DLC to add more to the game to make it a bit more open or look forward to a follow up to the game that lasts at least 30+hrs.


    Again well done Obsidian now just waiting on more -_-)

    better than 2 world 2 ? I disagree with you on that because that game have a big open world , no linear quest , a lot of customization ...the only weak point i guess is the story , VA, few MP maps and that you can't campaign co-op. IMO.


    Two worlds 2 is very linear for a open world game. Most caves and dungeons, u cant even enter before u have a quest there. Plus it has horrible dialogue.


    DS3 Is way better. This is now my favourite ARPG on the 360

  3. The game really rocks on the 360 :)


    Playing on hardcore. It forces you to learn boss tactics and play with strategy, and it feels a lot more satisfying when you beat 'em :)

    I rate DS3 8/10.. But the fun factor scores a clean 10/10. Really loving this ! Nice story, nice characters, extremely nice combat.. And the music is amazing !


    Please Obsidian/Square.. Throw a lot of Dlc at us for this awesome console ARPG :)

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