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  1. 24 minutes ago, Boeroer said:

    Nope, not solo. You can def. play a solo Helwalker, but you'll have to have higher defenses and AR, different attributes and also be good enough in melee. You'd also profit a lot from Dichotomous Soul and stuff like Rooting Pain and Crucible (if you don't want to kite all the time). This is a powerful CC/DD build for a party. It relies on some front liners to take the heat and some healing and buffing occasionally. If you let it loose it will be very effective. In boss fights you might only use Long Pain.

    Haha I'm not even playing PotD but I hate micromanaging everyone. That's why I'm asking for a solo build/companion builds with good AI that I can just ignore

  2. 14 hours ago, Boeroer said:

    Mortar Monk:

    Single Class Helwalker

    MIG: ++
    DEX: +
    PER: ++
    INT: ++
    RES: ---


    • Swift Strikes --> Lightning Strikes (more attack/reload speed and shocking lash)
    • Dance of Death --> Enduring Dance (more ACC and auto-wounds)
    • Two Weapon Style --> more attack/reload speed
    • Graceful Retreat (don't need if wearing an armor with immunity to disengagement attacks)
    • Long Stride
    • Tumbling (don't need if wearing an armor with immunity to disengagement attacks)
    • Stunning Blow --> Stunning Surge (every AoE hit roll has the potential to crit, giving you a refund)
    • Duality of Mortal Presence (choose INT always for max AoE size)
    • Thunderous Blows (you need the PEN)
    • The Long Pain (for single targets)
    • Flagellanth's Path (works with mortars, explodes at the target position, also skips reloading phase entirely)
    • The Razor's Edge (more ACC)
    • Resonant Touch (every mortar hit gives a stack)
    • Whispers of the Wind (against packed crowds: every attack of WotW will do an AoE mortar blast. It's AoE*AoE hit rolls - combine with Resonant Touch)
    • Prestige (more Power Levels = more jumps of Whispers of the Wind)

    Weapon Proficiency: Blunderbuss (I would turn on the modal as long as you are not firing at friends).

    • Items:
      • Head: Heaven's Cacophony (Whispers of the Wind + Avenging Storm... mayhem, also +2 INT)
      • Neck: Stone of Power (if you get two you can stack them in the stash after each fight which resets their charge, making it +1 Power Level for every fight)
      • Back: Ajamuut's Stalking Cloak (Whispers of the Wind makes you invisible - this cloak stuns everybody who gets hit from invisibility)
      • Armor: Aloth's Armor (bigger AoE) or Miscreant's Leathers (higher attack/reload speed with a fitting pet like Cutthroat Cosmo) or Gipon Prudensco (immunity to disengagement attacks) or Nomad's Brigandine (immunity to disengagement attacks) or Devil of Caroc's Breastplate (+2 Mortification, nearly no slowdown with a fitting pet like Cutthroat Cosmo)
      • Arms: Mortification Bindings
      • Weapons: Hand Mortar (Blinding Smoke), Fire in the Hole (Chain Shot)
      • Rings: Ring of Overseeing, Ring of the Marksman, Ring of Clenched Muscle
      • Waist: Upright Captain's Belt
      • Boots: Boots of Speed, Rakhan Field Boots


    It's powerful, rel. simple and a lot of fun. You can get Serafen's two mortars quite early. The first one you get right afte Port Maje. Until you get the first/second one just use regular blunderbusses. Early game also your fists are still great. Before you get Whispers of the Wind you'll mostly use Stunning Blows/Surge and Flagellanth's Path. 
    I suggest taking the noble voiceset because it has a contagious laugh when you crit (which this build does often do). Best to use in tandem with Konstanten because he's got a laugh like Barry White which fits your noble voice set very well. Once they both go to town it's all deep laughs and giggles. ;)

    Here's a teaser:

      Reveal hidden contents





    Whoa. I haven't finished a run with the game mainly because turn based is too slow and rtwp gives me micromanaging anxiety. 


    Is this build viable for solo or do you have a build-and-leave set up for companions? 

  3. 7 hours ago, Boeroer said:

    Debonaire/Wizard if you use your Cipher for mass charming. 

    Debonaire gets 100% crit conversion on any charmed enemy. And Wizard has many friendly-fire spells.

    This can completely remove the PEN issues of most damaging wizard spells on PotD.

    Use items and abilities which increase crit damage.

    Goddammit now I have to start a new character again. Any suggestions on a build, particularly stats distribution? 

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