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  1. Yes this is NewFan streamlining mumbo jumbo added to Oblivion because people didn't like having to look for stuff in Morrowind. I can't stand it, it pollutes my rpg and detracts from my fun. If these kinds of things are optional then they obviously don't offend me as much because I can turn them off but I still lament their existence and use in modern games. I also wish games would let me toggle off the mini map. I would prefer a series of checkboxes at the outset of a new game that allows me to turn off all the hand holding stuff right at the beginning of the game and then it should be completely inaccessable during that playthrough.

    I agree with everything. Atleast have player options to turn this stuff off. I'm ok with the mini map but the bread crumb trail i'm not a fan of at all.


    Also i know you can turn off the mini map on the console...down on d-pad, not sure for pc though.

  2. This shared camera is absolutely unplayable. Please patch this, or at the very least zoom the camera way out so I can actually see what I'm trying to shoot.


    As it is right now I just get killed by projectiles from off camera. This is ridiculous.

    Yeah it's pretty bad. Just played for 3 hours with a friend on hardcore and it wasn't verry PLAYER FRIENDLY lol. Got us killed a few times due to warping us. The tethered gameplay doesn't allow for verry good tactical co-op play at all.


    We got through it though and are gonna try and finish it together on hardcore but geez.

  3. I've been playing the Dungeon Siege series since it was released and Dungeon Siege 3 felt like I was spat at as a hardcore fan. In my opinion a game like this should not be designed for consoles, that is what turned me off from Dragon Age 2. The cinematic cut scenes felt very out of place and the facial expressions are... off-putting. Multiplayer is extremely awkward, it caused a nasty headache after only five minutes of attempting to play. The female characters seem a bit "overdeveloped" for my tastes, but I guess you have to appeal to new male players some way, especially if you want to pull new players from games like Call of Duty or Halo. I do not like how the combat system felt "dumbed down", I liked being able to use multiple skills/spells tactically.


    What I miss most from Dungeon Siege and Dungeon Siege 2 is the Character Customization and the open feeling of the environments. I'd rather not be playing a Dragon Age 2 clone. I've discussed the game with several friends and they all feel the same way.


    On a less negative note, I'm curious to who did the music, it does not sound like Soule (who did the music for DS, DS2, and Guild Wars).


    Dude, it was stated from the outset that this was a reboot. Get over it seriously. The game has great combat mechanics, a rich graphical engine and a well written story line. It's a different game sure, but unlike DA2, it was not created by some marketing focus group. Obsidian has tried hard to put hardcore stat driven gameplay in with a story driven semi cinematic experience, and I think they've pulled off the middle ground quite well.


    Really hope the scores don't hurt it so much that it doesn't get an expansion or DLC. That would suck because I'll be wanting more for sure.

    Yeah they screwed the pooch right out the gate didn't they? I think that is his point. IMO they shouldn't even have named it Dungeon Siege period. I'm playing the DS LoA right now and it's great. Nothing like DS3 at all. And aren't reboots supposed to reflect the original in some ways? I mean it's NOTHING like it.


    DS games are party based a/rpgs and it's been turned into nothing but a hack&slash, with poor customization, no tactical options and bad multiplayer.

  4. Ah, but as I said "Obsidian decided against it." Some people might not even know the option exists before it's too late, others might think it's too easy because of this and stop playing and give a bad review (It happens) and while I wouldn't disagree to the fact that it would be nice; at times it is wiser to limit customization for the sake of simplicity.


    Should I be making audio files of my posts for you guys?

    Where are you from?

    planet earth

    lmao....good one.


    OT...I agree that the mp is verry dissapointing.

  5. Most of what he says is true, though. Ok not sure about the butt comment, but you are plainly ignorant to the differences between the item system in Diablo II vs Dungeon Siege III.


    Just as a taste...here is the affix system in Diablo II:




    What I saw in DS3 was nothing even close to just the basic affixes/prefixes available in Diablo 2...forget about even bringing in the sheer amount of combinations, sets, uniques, gems, and rune words that all add into a pretty substantial and deep item system.


    Or look at Titan Quest...and lets forget the fact it has THOUSANDS of regular items, but consider this:




    Over 1700 set items alone...thats over 1700 items that all are absolutely unique both in looks and in stats. Every item you put on in has a different look and the entire items system has a whole litany of different possible stats and combinations. Again, this is just the special gear, Titan Quest has a deep and robust random item system as well who know how many individual item art and stats.


    If you can't see the difference, that's only because you are either unable to (never really played) or just stubbornly refuse to.


    Regarding how many people play Diablo II, to this very day (10 years later) is still played by THOUSANDS of people online every single day. The fact you don't know anyone who plays doesn't mean this isn't true.

    Yup. I long for the day a console game (or any game for that matter) has as good a loot system as that game...lol. Probably NEVER happen unless D3 comes over.

  6. In Torchlight, or Diablo, or Titan Quest you don't have fine control of your character. You don't have active dodge, active block, combos. It's the reason why continuous attack works with the first games but wouldn't work with Dungeon Siege 3. And it's why Dungeon Siege 3 ends up in a very different genre. The player's manual dexterity is much more important in DS3 than in Diablo.


    Dungeon Siege 3 and Dark Alliance work as lite versions of Ninja Gaiden or Devil May Cry. You may not enjoy that sort of gameplay, but it is what it is.


    Lite version I think is the best way to describe everything about Dungeon Siege 3. The combat is a lite version of other beat-em-ups. The leveling system is a lite version. The world design. The item system. Pretty much everything...it's the lite version.


    Together it's probably pretty good and the game isn't bad...but this is definitely the "lite version" of a A-RPG's of the past and made for the console generation.

    Sadly......Wait for LOTR WitN...It may not be a diablo killer (nothing is) but it will be the best console arpg on the current consoles and it will have great multiplayer and awesome loot. Also i like the dark, mature look to it and the inventory looks awesome as well.. Snowblind is making it.

  7. "Dungeon Siege III will likely make you question your expectations of a fantasy action RPG, and more specifically, whether you believe a single-player lootfest is worth sixty dollars today. It's usually uncommon for me to begin a review with the price tag, since it always drops with time and I look at the design first and foremost. But I only realized that the game was primarily a single-player experience after completing the 12-hour campaign when I tried, well, the multiplayer. Consider this a fair warning."





    Hope it's good but this one is pretty much a single player game, guess we all knew that though.

  8. I'm thinking most people, especially on consoles, don't know what a Dungeon Siege game is.

    But they sure as heck know what a Fable 2 game is, and as soon as they start playing it and realize thats all the multiplayer is look out....noone wants to be a friggin red shirt henchmen. Simple as that, not pc players or console players. Ofcourse this is just my opinion.

  9. The combat in DS3 is fail.

    I wish I could understand what's so bad about combat in DS3... I mean, it's better than most games (not saying *all* because I haven't played all h/s games, it's definitely better than all games I did get to play) of same genre. could you describe it in greater detail? but, please, without the "I don't feel I'm actually hitting the enemies" nonsense :ermm:

    Why is that nonsense? If a game is based on one feature and it fails to do it right (imo) it isn't nonsense at all. If i play a shooter and the guns are no good i don't like it. If i play an action game and the action feels flat i don't like it, simple as that.

  10. I think the hitting feel's problem is there's no sound that hitting the creatures or items,like cutting flesh or striking metal

    What you don't like the pew pew pew comming from your sword? lmao.


    Seriously though, this takes away from the experience for me as well. It just doesn't feel satisfying to kill an enemy and thats a problem in an action rpg.

  11. Diablo


    good story


    this never gets old

    Diablo's story may not be verry deep but imo it's better than the old...YOU'RE THE LAST OF YOUR KIND, AND YOU NEED TO SAVE THE WORLD. crap that ds3 is doing... heck i just played that in dragon age origins.


    And in the end i believe it's not really how good the story is as much as the characters in it and imo diablo has awesome characters and creatures in spades.

  12. Guys, I just meation that fallout vegas raged some people, from reading online before, i know alot of people were pissed off about some of the bugs, and i do know a lot of the updates that came out, were to fix a lot of the bugs. ****, how does a company release a game with that many bugs... for real.


    Why, did they make a typo or something?


    Did you even play the demo yet? Whats your thoughts about it? I think they totally ****ED this game up. Now I dont even have a dungeon crawler to play till Diablo 3. Well, actually I do, but I was seriously looking forward to this game. Its sad what they did to this game.

    LOTR war in the north......just wait for that. Full 3 player co-op campaign. True drop in drop out online(yes you bring your own character) and thousands of items and brutal bloody combat. Snowblind is behind it, need i say more.

  13. Host doesn't 'get everything'. It's not like the host player keeps the loot and XP you have earnt, you just can't transfer it to other games (which would be silly in a level 30 cap game anyway).

    I don't know...I think having a level cap of 30 would be fine in online if the progression was handled right. I like a bit of a slower leveling system anyways and as long as it was rewarding and meaningful it would be fine.

  14. I am a hard core RPG player! That should give you a description of who I am with just that title. I never heard of the title Dungeon Siege until I went to my local gamestop and was informed that this is the new hot rpg coming out. So I pre-ordered it. Just this Friday, June 1st, 2011, I made the full payment for the game. Nearly $60.00 US dollars. But I am looking forward to this title. I have just read forums and it sounds as if players are disgusted about the title. I normally don't go by players advice, because some of them are basically relating everything by WOW standards, so I have a couple of questions to confirm my purchase:

    1. Every true RPG have a customizable character, I understand that every avatar is set already as to looks and design. But for the up to date changing of the character, ex: weapons and armor; do they show the change equipment when changing the avatar through the game?

    2. What can I expect from this RPG. Such as gameplay. Can you compare to any other XBOX360 titles? ex: Dragon Age, Final Fantasy, Castlevania, or Ninety Nine Nights.

    3. Will there be a quest based traditional RPG setting. Such as doing quest to complete the game, or will it be new age, such as doing quest and then having choices to make during those quest which changes the endings?

    4. I pre-ordered the game, I hear about these talismans I should receive, are they that much of a big deal?

    5. Will there be a co-op mode?

    6. Will this game meet my interest based on what I enjoy which is all out fantasy, with beautiful scenery, music, weapons that can be upgraded (enchanted), towns and villages of where you can buy your new equipment and armor, treasures to be found, and massive bosses to defeat?

    7. Last but not least, I just really want an enjoyable game, fun and entertaining. Do you think I will be impressed or will I have to just get use to it like some of these new rpg's coming out now.


    Thanks in advanced for answering my questions,... Brigo


    Let me get this straight, because the failed at life gamestop store manager (or possibly 15 year old first job kid) told you that it was the hottest rpg coming out you instantly handed over $60? Since you are so easily sold, I'm going to just answer yes to all your remaining questions.

    I lol'd.

  15. Your character model changes depending on what loot you have equipped. There are lots of items that the player will obtain, and while some will look the same (it's in the same "tier"), there are a lot of variations for each character.

    Why didn't you guys put in a character screen while you equip and try on new items so you can see your hero? This doesn't make sense to me. Who doesn't want this in their game?? This is a no brainer imo and it's not there.

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