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  1. ok I have a problem reaching through moderation, so let me try yet another different approach(even if there was nothing wrong with the creativity of my earlier)...


    There is a new movie called The Great Debaters, lead work done by Denzel Washington. It is well recommended for participants of forum communities because it shows a good aspect of offensive communications *including* expressions.


    I don't recommend the dead culture that exists all over the world, including the internet. Expressions are good, even if you often need to process through things. It serves no meaning to recommend living culture, because it's self recommending. People always want to lead a lifeful, living life - though forced habits, dishealth etc hinders you from doing what you truly want. I still warn and make distance to non-productive ways.



    As was earlier directed towards me, in this thread, was a comparison with one blatantly throwing out extreme things like never being able to reach a certain potential. This is very rude behavior.


  2. I didn't understand why people started talking about kiting at first, but I came to realize...


    since this is a Dungeon Siege forum, Dungeon Siege is by default the std being used. So when talking about assumed WASD controls, that's for turning the camera, not moving your character. Character is controlled by mouse, and camera by keys :p


    Being able to give commands to run is a great idea though. I dearly love those moments in DS2 when you can just click a distant pathground and have your characters travel there, instead of having to renew clicks all the time. Something like a travel(autorun) mode that when activated runs down a path... that would be an amazing feature! :D

  3. I agree. Randomly generated dungeons would be nice, but only as an extra. The main areas should all be uniquely crafted.


    I think this sums it up pretty well. Certain Dungeon class areas that generate randomly. Wouldn't be too hard to code... you don't even really need a random topography maker, just a flat floor in a few different tastes plus some objects to random about. It would encourage a lot of players and activities :p

  4. I'm talking about the towns & the teleport system. In DS2, each act had it's own town, and there were waypoints back to the town. You also had the teleport to town spell. Do you want to see that back in DS3? I personally don't want that. Let me explain:


    In DS1, when I was playing, I really had the feeling that I was really on a journe through vast lands. It had a special feeling. You never knew when you could make a pitstop. You really had the feeling that you were tracking in the wilds. They ruined that for me in DS2. Yes, it is nice that you could sell away your junk at any time, but that destroyed the adventurous (sorry for my bad spelling) feeling. I rather explore the thich bushes and the vast deserts with a fully packed mule, not knowing when I can make a pitstop, rather than having the feeling that I can return to shop an restock any time I want.


    What do you think about this?



  5. DS3 will not use a 'learn-by-doing' level system, so it's a moot point.


    Are you sure? Is there an official source for that? If it's true then it is awesome! I hate the learn-by-doing level system to be honest. I would like to see skill tree something like Diablo or Titan Quest though.


    Diablo has the worst skill tree ever :p DS2 is many times better.

    The learn-by-doing you're talking about here in DS based forums is that classes aren't locked in DS2 as they are in, as an example, Diablo, where you pick one class and you get their growth(points), skills etc and that's it.

  6. I hear a lot of players complaining about DS2 being grindy and they got tired of this and the other.

    I never got tired of DS2. I've created a good deal of parties and have had great fun with interesting character builds and simply enjoying the well constructed universe. To be able to develop those negative kind of feelings, to me, is kinda like hosting a devil. That devil hinders you from having a qualitative time.


    This world is just wrong for not using what already existed in DS2 and just making more of it. Then you wouldn't have to deal with poor games and letdowns that are being thrown out to both console and PC. It would take a lot less work to use an existing game engine, polishing, fixing it up and continuing to use it.


    Heroes IV is one of those classic examples of an extremely poor game, when Heroes III has an extreme amount of play hours put into it and you have big folk-made mods+maps going around. The way in which the game producing industry actually has grasped these methods is in MMORPG's that get continually expanded and altered. To me it just makes a great deal of sense to make relaunches... Somehow there just was a lot more sensibility in the DOS days of game making.


    I suppose negotiations between developing teams and publishers are harsh, and the public culture is unhospitable.

  7. In DS2 I controlled everything with the mouse... I only used the 'M' key for chugging mana potions & 12345 for activating a power. I rarely chugged health potions, since it was inefficient compared to a healing mage autocasting a healing spell & spirit embrace. Oh, and I also used 'F' for focus fire occasionally.


    For DS1, though, I used to have an entire page of hotkeys. Not that it was really necessary, though.


    The high levels of potions restore more health and do it faster. There's no way healing alone can be more efficient than BOTH healing+potion. There also are quite a few stages of the game where it's more or less impossible to make it without health potions, depending on your build. Try going melee early game for example :lol: doesn't matter if you dodge spears like a madman, you'll still need potions.



    outside the box, my topic start of course assumes customizable keys. It's more considering the baseline.


    Giving an example, Diablo 3's baseline is skillhopping and potion drinking, from what you can see of the gameplay video. It's similar to Diablo 2, but refined and processed to give a better flow

  8. Speculation and preferences


    Key mapping:


    WASD + mouse is a pretty comfortable setting that most people have gotten used to.


    along with this, I enjoy browsing skills with Q and E. Browse down with Q and browse up with E. For this to be comfortably functional you like to minimize the use of skills to two main skills and a few secondary skills, possibly alternative ones. Autocast works wonders.


    Consumable abilities like potions I like to keep on 12345, with possible dire survivals on the higher numbers.


    Z for picking up all items - awesome!


    X for status screen, C for character screen



    -- DS2

    in Dungeon Siege 2 I use Q for mana potion and E for health potion. It works adequately, with powers on the number keys... I sometimes use X to scroll the party's powers, but I tend to have uneven amounts of powers which causes stepping only in one direction to disharmonize the order....... so I tend to switch powers using the mouse. Also you tend to use a lot of potions, so a comfortable key is befitting.


    -- Ultimately

    My ultimate preference would be if powers could be slow recharging and not as easily wasted like DS2's icicle blast. Slow recharge + fizzle = frustration

    if you rarely use powers, you don't need to include them in the core control frame.

    Also I don't want to use a zillion potions. You don't gain a big chunk of health from chugging something.


    I actually made a theoretic build with Sartan as a combat mage using embers and constantly chugging massive amounts of potions. It goes really well with his character... Sartan! Master Chugger! in early game it can actually be quite good to spec harvesting skills aggressively to get high quality potions. Then respec/change character in the expansion.


    Actual quick to trigger effects are sniffing effects and injections. Sniffing salt to get a higher presence and more combat focus, or stuff like that.

    Quickest heals are accepting your injuries and dealing with them. First aid to dispel wounds or poisons. Relaxation and focus to gain actual hit points. One way to focus(gain hp) is to heighten your grade of aggression. Are you supposed to subdue, eliminate or what? You can see this in berzerking abilities giving extra hp, to give an example.


    I say that it's time to end the era of in-combat potions! Give healing abilities to address to 12345! ^_^

  9. you talk about pushing and stuff, but don't bring up The Witcher?



    I don't have any need at all to break stuff up in general. Ofc I try to break a lot of urns in DS2 because I want Bone Minion to crawl up so I can kill him :)

    To me though, I'd most of all enjoy chosen scenes with breaking stuff. I tend to play games many times over, and that style of gaming encourages a bit slower pace and making events less in quantity and more so in quality. From reading this thread in my current mood and mindset I immediately thought that it would be awesome with a quest where you can break one of the trees from the forests outside Aman'lu. Faaalling over and crashing }:] curry curry curry (words of enjoyment)

    Also I've more enjoyed certain areas with smashable stuff, than general inclusion plottering around. Like ruins of a city where there are tons of pottery and forgotten trinkets. Any heroic adventurer is well aware of how powerful gizmos end up in the hands of people who don't know how to appreciate it (not necessarily relating to LOTR)


    Also autonumous environmental interaction has been much bigger to me, than supposed such. I don't want some stuff in my path that kind of tempts me to break it, am I supposed to break this or not? Then I suppose I shall and get disappointed at the value of it.


    Autonumous is *very* interesting! When you by happenstance manage to break stuff or your vividly sparkling arrows get attached to stuff to make nice expressions. That is worth inclusion

  10. Obsidian did make NWN 2, which was party based.

    If they are going for party, I hope it'll be limited to couples and temporary quest party members. To me couples was the best way to play DS2 because you didn't have too much stuff covering the screen and you could still make some combos etc. Also if you want to animation cancel and play actively it's very easy if you play a couple in mirror mode with 100% recovery rate moves like cursing and crossbows.

  11. D&D is a trend-setting system that isn't really beneficial for games that already have trends. It's much better if you're in need of a channel.


    Dungeon Siege already has Silver and its own... plus slight Diablo:ishsm :devil:

    I just hope the Silver spirit carries on even with mr Chris being less involved in the project.

  12. I think Shared Stash is an excellent suggestion!

    "Sharing is good" - Cesar Millan


    Rostere summed it up pretty good as well... a looting system with things difficult to get, but still rewarding, like the diablo 2 system that aims to give you high level equipment, but you need to get lucky with the rolls :devil:


    Also non-standard items are pretty fun. Instead of this and this damage, this and this stat they can have weird generic effects that encourages variation of play and build.

    I usually go by the four spheres:

    Brutality: Simple - high damage, high point, high regen

    Specialization: Outgoing - proc buff, proc spell

    Thrill: Heightened - trigger state, trigger atmosphere

    Travel: Accelerating - Stack up, multi-*


    Would be awesome to relocate those to Death, Life, Blindness, Sight! You could have like a blindness school utilizing effects like triggering a weak glacial aura

  13. Darklands had my personal favorite learn-by-doing system, because you had discrete gameplay chunks that you earned points at the end of, and the rewards weren't directly related to the amount of times you did them if I recall.


    wow someone actually bringing up Darklands! I was real impressed, and then I saw it was one of the revered developers :D

    From how I experienced Darklands characters could sometimes get chunks of stats, as you say, not from repetition; but from well targeted play. You didn't really need to grind, but you probably needed to start the game with a couple of youngsters and a couple of carries, old of age. To become a doctor you needed a starching amount of studies, but that high healing skill was necessary until you got good equipment and skill, mentioning one 'oldie carry' :]



    DS2's character system was 100x better than Diablo 2. Diablo 2 is simply too imba, too item dependant etc. Not that I play Diablo 2 like the popular culture of rushing hell, doing millions of reruns etc. I actually enjoy myself, find out the great elements(like Duriel's sneer) and build less expected character builds than hammerdin :shifty: Stats are one of the most useless things in that game. Of course I love D2 and have played it quite a bit...


    The only downside to DS2 was late game. In late game the best thing you could do was get level 1 melee(you already had it though from accidential fistfights if nothing else) + level 5 range and put skills into Fortitude(+%hp) and Survival(+%res) Your powers recharged every second and it wasn't really interesting except for massively blowing things up, slamming out Corrosive Eruption(corpse explosion) and getting neat equipment. The diminishing returns were *really* harsh. That's one way to try to keep more balance, but if you compare the opposition's scaling up of hp compared to skills' scaling things were just a bit awkward. Melee could be frustrating at some points but in the long run it was total ownage :)


    When it comes to balance, my experience is that it's best to make it slow paced. Use steady base damage/hp scaling and low percentages. Not like the DS2 Necrolithid super mega crazy curse =] Blizzard have been in the front when it comes to balanced game play, but even WOW and SC2 have gotten soggy in late game, according to me. When almost everyone are getting crazy fat crits, nukes, bubbles and hand mounted rockets or like the warlock fear and seduce disables...

    Disabling always has to be kept to a minimum when it comes to RPG's :p


    Ultimately though, in a good game it's more about progress than balance :)

  14. DS2 did nothing of the sort. DS2 adopted a much more Diablo-style of combat that required constant input, and the selected character would never do anything at all without direction.


    You're wrong. DS2 did something of the sort through rampage. If you really don't want to play your selected character, then make it a curser. Drown/infect is one hell of a way to get easy AOE damage + opening up vulnerabilities. Or a healer. Both can be put in autocast slot.


    DS2 wasn't dreadful. Your topic is to me quite disturbing and I feel a great urge to insult you in many various ways because your inability to enjoy DS2, which is a real top of the top kind of game.



    Will DS3 even use a party? From the only preview that mentioned combat, it sounded Divinity 2 or Demon Stone like, i.e. one or two game characters & continuous involvement of the player being necessary.


    Chris stated in an interview with German Eurogamer, I think it was, that he's done with multiple character parties. There's just too much to do. DS3 will, according to that, be focused on playing a single hero.


    I think it sounds great for two reasons:

    Easier to develop great multiplayer

    More focus on the center of gameplay


    I do love the effects of, for example, death beam and an ice bolt hitting a target together. Thus I hope for single player possibilities such as quests including a companion, so that you can enjoy the combinations.

    Also the character builds + pets of DS2 were so incredible - many times above all other rpg's. Partys made that even richer because of combo possibilities. I mean who doesn't love that incredibly flashy party of a melee character using a spellcaster staff, but no spells.

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