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  1. OK. I can think of a few games I'd like to see Obsidian make, but I am not sure how much time and money they'd require. so, from a perspective of a person with no experience in game development I'd have to go with either of these:


    - a game concept similar to how NWN turned out, i.e. an RPG toolset for creating mods and custom campaigns with a light campaign thrown in that could serve as a tutorial on campaign making; with a possibility of playing it in co-op (basically, DSIII only without voiced characters and the need to license an IP);


    - an Alpha Protocol stand-alone expansion pack; if "Alpha Protocol" cannot be used for some reason, then it can be a new IP that works exactly like AP, only without the boss fights and shooting; play on AP's strengths, make it similar to LA Noire only in a spy setting, with a silent protagonist!


    - Icewind Dale III made with Onyx;


    - the Fallout game happening during Resource Wars in Europe;


    - Pretty Princess RPG;


    - a PC port of that game from your office where we get to play as Chris Avellone et al.;


    basically, if it's to be a full-blown RPG, I would understand if you guys were releasing it as a series of DLCs funding each separately, with an Ultimate Edition planned somewhere down the road

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