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  1. I'd like to think I was very accomplished in finding a few codes entirely by myself... before coming here and realizing how many I was missing. Seriously impressive efforts by everyone.
  2. It's the answer of localization vs. translation. The quality of a localization is often not just in getting something that makes sense to a player (or reader), but in making something that is culturally appropriate and maintains, or comes up with its own, tone and style. Each time I've seen people discuss their favorite localizations, they almost inevitably mention examples that aren't 1:1 perfect translations, but adapt the game to a particular region with jokes, references or themes that work better for that audience. If I could suggest something for you I'd say maybe look to that - try
  3. Statements like this are pretty ridiculous and make it hard to take you seriously. Why would you ever wish for the unemployment of 100+ people and closure of a company because you, personally, don't like what they have done? How is that better than just not buying what they make? Clearly, lots of people loved post 2012 Obsidian games. This is why they are still in business. It's really easy to be a jerk over the internet to people you don't know.
  4. Interesting thread. Pillars seems to emphasize slightly more depth in the scene while the classic Infinity Engine games tend to feel just a tad flatter. It could be argued that the higher angle to the camera in the Infinity Engine makes indoor environments easier to see in, but Pillars seems to do just fine because it has wider and more open hallways (which makes party management much less frustrating in interiors). The Infinity Engine games struggled more with this, and later on moved away from really tight spaces as a result (i.e. far less Firewine dungeon maze nonsense). I don't thi
  5. Been hooked on this almost since release. Had to force myself to put it down so I could go back and play Pillars again, otherwise I think it'd be another 200 hours of game time before I touched anything else... I am such a sucker for open world games with a million POIs to find.
  6. Implying he has not yet mastered it already... blasphemer!
  7. Nope they all had the same engine. The third one just had a few tweaks like being able to save your game and the automap feature. I remember reading somewhere that much of the code was actually re-written for Bard's Tale III after Cranford left. Given how widely ported the games were it's also perhaps hard to even say they had a consistent game engine.
  8. Sure thing. I made a sheet (html and pdf format) that shows how the old soundtrack maps to the new one. I also exported the tags using mp3 tag. You can download it here: http://media.obsidian.net/eternity/media/audio/pe-soundtrack-map-and-tags.zip Thanks! Listened to the OST yesterday. I often listen to game soundtracks during some of my more repetitive and time-consuming, zone-out sort of work tasks... I think yours is going in the rotation.
  9. Thanks Justin! Any chance someone can export the tags using a program like mp3Tag so that we don't have to re-download the files?
  10. As a male I usually play a male character first, mostly just because, well, I'm male and tend to identify better with it (though race, class etc. tend to vary quite a bit game-to-game for me). That said, I almost always make female characters when replaying RPGs as well, and party-based games usually end up with an even male/female split. Sometimes I like to make a party with versions of friends of mine in starring roles, too, which can be fun for coming up with character concepts.
  11. I don't have a problem. If I turn on markers then I want to know and see exactly which characters are in the scene and where.
  12. That screenshot... getting serious Arcanum flashbacks, which is most certainly a good thing. I wonder if the GameBanshee inn will end up anywhere near that cool.
  13. The fact that there are at least three topics about this is totally warranted.
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