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  1. Can I just say how awesome that artwork is? Got it as my wallpaper now, please keep 'em coming!


    I love the little details in it, like the zombie grabbing the priest's skirt, the arrows sticking out of the tentacle monster (and the ranger pointing towards it), and that zombie getting smashed in the face with the shield... who seems to be wearing a thong??

  2. The only series I'm aware of that have something called "a watcher" are Highlander and that comic series. Know of anything else that fits?


    I seriously doubt this is anything but a new IP from Obsidian. A license would constrain them too much. I think that's already been established right?


    You realise that barring Alpha Protocol every single game Obsidian has made has been based on a licensed property right?

  3. I think it's a Planescape game.


    I'd love to see that, but hmmm I an not getting a Planescape vibe from all of this.


    What, not even "One day, you will wake up... The pain will be gone. Until then, all your waking hours are suffering"?


    Pain... suffering... Torment. "Planescape: Eternity" anyone? :D


    I'm putting money on the Kickstarted Planescape spiritual sequel. Literally.

  4. Edit - Found a workaround by reseting the keymappings back to default. I'm rolling again now, but maybe something worth looking at for patching


    Yes, this took me ages - you remapped your Interact key, right? The game says to press the key you changed it to (in my case 'E', so 'Press E to lock'), but in reality it does nothing. You have to press Space instead, the default key.


    Another notch on the buglist...

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