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  1. Uhm, yes they were. This was repeadetly stated by several members of the project. Furthermore they are also passionnate too about South Park because for the devs its actually a pretty smart show.


    According to Avellone back at Black Isle one of the Artist drew South Park versions of the Planescape: Torment Charachters. Oh, another thing about Black Isle which you seem to have forgotten is that they made Dark Alliance 2. DSIII was basically based on that style.



    Also I don't think Obsidian and especially Avellone is pretentious enough to think of themselves as making high "Art" as you describe it.


    (And if you mean it in the sense: "Rather done other projects"... Yeah, but that counts for all games and refers to indivual developers preferences. That's also kinda what this is for)

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  2. Wulf. [blah blah blah.]
    Then report me for it. It really was detrimental to the thread and I think it makes you ten times more of a jerk for telling me that I can't speak my mind.


    Except I didn't? I said you can argue posts. The only thing I said to you that you shouldn't be a **** about it and elevate your own opinions above others.


    The devs will be smart enough to filter managable and relevant information. There's no reason for you trying to downplay others posts in the first place.


    Also, seriously. You replace what I said with "Blah, blah, blah"? And why would I report you? This isn't criminal, just a simple call to common sense.

  3. Wulf. If you want to be constructive how about by starting to not trying to discredit everyone else and holding your own opinion up high despite of what you think of them?


    Because that's REALLY not constructive nor are such posts any more "detrimental" to this thread.


    I mean, it isn't wrong to discuss opinions here (and I don't agree with that poster myself. At least about the Planescape part) but don't do it like a ****.

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  4. 1) A proper sequel to NwN with a focus on customization, smooth gameplay, and multiplayer. Use the Pathfinder ruleset!2) A classic 2D isometric RPG. Not another Planescape please...nothing could ever compare to the original. Start a bold new IP!


    Why not? The Planescape Setting is big, creative and has mutliple stories still left in it. It's not like Torment touched on everything possible in it.

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