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  1. Hello,

    I think the Cornett's Call quest may still be bugged on the newest patch version 5.something. 
    GOG version, Mac.

    I have both Cornettes (sp?).
    I've reported back to Dereo, and he's sent me to the Huana temple to meet one of his associates.
    I already went to the temple earlier from the other side and activated the statue; but I was too low level for the grub fight, so I reloaded and decided to wait, thinking I could always go back in later.
    However I might have already "activated" the statue when I saved that game.

    Now I've levelled up and feel ready for the fight, but when I want to open the door to the giant cave grub, the statue's hand is completely inactive, even though I have both Cornettes in my inventory under quest items. It's not showing up as blue interactable when I hit tab.

    I did do this quest slightly out of order; but is there a fix? I really would not like to reload as I've played quite a bit since.
    I also tried to change the party to the companions I had at the time, but no luck.

    Thanks and all best


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