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  1. RA-Jeff is not immature. Maybe he isn't used to posting in forums, he does not need to hand out apologies for being new.


    Also, do expect a 3rd KOTOR, though the wait will be long.


    If LucasArts are gonna develop the game, I'm not even buying the game, LucasArts are worse then EA Games.

  2. Too bad to hear that the books aren't so good, I normally hate reading books, but if it's this (Star Wars) or Harry Potter it interests me, but we'll see what I think.


    I'd like to see some EU books on KOTOR, similar to the fanfics about KOTOR found on the Internet.

  3. From my eyes, Revan recovered his full memories after KOTOR 1 (a month or two after) and then he remembered Malachor, and what threat could come out of that, I suppose. He went there again (before KOTOR 2, but after KOTOR 1) and then went somewhere else after that.


    This is what I have gathered from beating the game three times, it's not speculation.

  4. Yes, this is a disaster.

    I take it you need an upgrade.


    No, I was being sarcastic regarding the fact that this is in fact information from the official site when it was claimed that it was from some other site, but without using these sarcastic-looking smilies no one could see the sarcasm.


    I can the first one just perfectly on my PC so the second one will run the same, but I've already got it on Xbox so I probably will not get it for PC as well (what's the point of that?)

  5. I used to play Star Wars Galaxies, but I was always an explorer and I wanted to do whatever I wanted to. Yet in the end I ended up grinding tons of professions and all that junk. Don't get SWG, it sucks more than Paris Hilton ever has.


    I also became a Jedi but that sucked even worse, I stopped trying after a few weeks. Whoever succeeds with this game has no life at all.

  6. Well this game is not exactly a game for children... it's kind of complicated, I bet a kid would just think "it sux" and never play it again, or never at all understand the story.


    I have a friend that gave the first KOTOR away just because it didn't make sense to him, he was 12 at the time. It takes time, patience, and understanding, atleast that's what it seems to me.

  7. Well, myself, I am glad it came to the Xbox, but not because it came to the Xbox first. It's just that I just happened to have a Xbox, and the Xbox guarantees that the game will run fine, while my PC doesn't. Also, I like playing at consoles a lot more than on PCs.


    I'd quibble about that, on Xbox it might be less likely that the game crashes or doesn't install for whatever Windows or hardware related reason, but it's also less likely to keep up a smooth framerate with high quality graphics... :ermm:"


    *nitpick* *pedant* *irritate*


    Sorry, bad day at work... I'll hide now. :ph34r:


    Well, 'high quality graphics' only goes for those who have good PCs. But the Xbox version is a better choice if your PC can't handle it or anything like that. I'm sure my PC can handle it, it can even handle KOTOR 1 and Half-Life 2, and it's atleast 3-4 years old.

  8. I voted "Yes". KOTOR 2 wasn't that bad in my eyes. I guess I can settle for less why others cry like children that didn't get what they wanted.


    One persons junk is another persons treasure. Just because you're willing to settle for less, doesn't mean the people that expected more are simply crying for ****s and giggles. If you liked the game, FINE. But to sit there and say you can settle for less, and those of us that don't want to settle for less are crying like children, is an utterly moronic statement.


    Next time I work with a new client, I'll have to see if they're willing to settle for less. I mean hell, it would be amazing if I could charge my normal rates and produce lower quality design. I could make BANK if every company was willing to settle for less! (w00t)


    Yes, fine. I liked the game and I didn't feel the ending was as disappointing as you or anyone else did, not to mention I barely encountered any bugs through 3 playthroughs while you apparently encountered them all the time, not to mention you were disappointed by the end.


    I wasn't saying that if you can't settle for less you are a crying child, I was saying that even if I felt the great disappointment you do (I've had my fair share of disappointing games) I wouldn't make such a big deal out of it, that's just me. And that's what I was saying.

  9. But I've repaired T3 to the point where he lets me meditate on him, or something similar. Yet I see no new movie...


    My Intelligence is always low for my character, maybe it explains why I can't get T3 to show me the movie.


    Looking at jaguars4ever's post, I'm still of the belief that Intelligence has something to do with this, because through THREE playthroughs I have never seen a dialogue called "How did you get here, T3?" when talking to him, and I've always Influenced him a lot and repaired him to the maximum.

  10. Boba Fett was in Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy which is after Return of the Jedi, and it also says on the Official Star Wars site that Boba Fett never actually died in that Sarlacc pit, if you click on Expanded Universe.


    EU or movies, it's still official if it's from the official Star Wars site.

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