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  1. I thought it was the New Vegas thread.


    Now I have the urge to buy that Fallout Trilogy pack... How did that happen? :)



    BTW if anyone here knows a mod or something to make FO1&2 inventory more user-friendly (kinda like Tactics) I'd be all over it. o:)

  2. Didn't have much time to play Alien Swarm yet, just the tutorial thing. Might try it out more seriously with a few friends when we have the time.


    What I especially like is the supposedly easy moddability* of it. This game could be my chance to start modding in Source Engine. I like the idea.



    * Probably not an actual word.

  3. just logged in to say that I was able to DL Portal for free 2 days ago. prior to this I only had Left 4 Dead installed on my steam account. maybe that's the reason. Portal actually was in my games library prompting me to DL it, when I logged in to look for Alien Swarm. go figure

    You must have "bought" it (i.e. added it to your Steam account) during the free period. After that, you own the game; doesn't really matter when you DL the data.


    Either that, or you're looking up the wrong Portal, the demo. It was called Portal: The First Slice, or something.

  4. Just finished Tales of Monkey Island. Good puzzles, some great laugh-out-loud moments, and WAY too many references to the previous games. I mean, it's always been the thing with MI games, but this time they took it just a leeetle bit too far; respect to the original developers and all that, I guess... :p


    Overall, highly recommended to any MI fan (that enjoyed the 3rd and 4th games).



    Now, I'm thinking of going back to Fallout 3 and finally playing the DLCs.

  5. Just in case someone didn't notice, a last-day-best-sellers-discount kind of thing is going on. 7.5 hours left. About half of those games I have, others I'm curious about / don't have the money to buy atm. :ermm:


    Highly recommended to at least check out.

  6. Anybody have any idea how easy/hard/impossible it is to get Thief to work in a post-XP version of Windows? $3 is a small risk to take, but it'd be helpful if anybody's got some personal experience to go on.

    I played Deadly Shadows on a friend's x64 Vista, but haven't installed it on my x64 Win7 yet.


    The only problem I remember having (on a 16:10 monitor) was something about resolution, which I got around by changing the aspect ratio to 4:3 manually (from the monitor controls).


    T:DS is a must have at $3 imo.

  7. Speaking of traveling and an open world what was up with the whole city/metro section being a giant maze instead of an actually open area?


    I actually liked it. ...Once I got used to it. I've played through four times and only just got the hang of the architecture. The only thing I would have liked is to be able to spraypaint so I could keep track actually in the game.

    I wonder if the engine would allow it... That'd be a nice little addition.


    On that note, I wonder what kind of flexibility id Tech 5 would have...



    Mmmmm Obsidian RPG on an id engine... *drool*

  8. Monkey Island.

    The 5 episode pack (yesterday's special sale), or the remake of the original? I bought the pack and just started playing, so I can't say much about it. Seems nice so far... (the prologue :blink: ) But the original was awesome. And I heard / saw nothing but good things about the remake.



    Bought Bioshock and Thief: Deadly Shadows today.



    the devil


  9. @Boo: Missing the whole point AND insulting. Well done. :blink:


    In Civ 4 (I'm not sure about the other Civ games) any wonder can be built by any civilization, and wonders are represented in an "as is" fashion. Oh wait, I feel like I've done this before...


    Again, you're talking about historical accuracy. And your favorite civilization.



    I couldn't resist: JUST FTR, yes, the need for those support columns is something that would go unnoticed by any other civ. Ottomans had kind of a genius architect at the time (Sinan) that saw flaws in the design / stability of the building. No, it doesn't give Ottomans any credit for building / creating that building, but for giving it its most recent form. Which was the point.


    Can we drop it now, please? I know I will...

  10. Well, if you want to get technical about it...


    It stood as a christian church for a thousand years
    It also stood as a mosque for about 500 years.


    the Ottoman turks which just tacked on the minarets and ruined the internal decoration
    They also added these support column thingies which are the reason Hagia Sophia is still standing to this day, AFAIK.




    No point in arguing about it though... Like I said it's just a computer game which doesn't even care about being historically correct.


    We are talking about the game, aren't we? :)

  11. AFAIK Hagia Sophia was built as a church (cathedral?), then became a mosque, then became a museum.


    Civ IV took the modern setting of our world and viewed it in a retro way (like USA being a seperate nation from the very beginning, while it was actually formed from British colonies, etc.).


    So, I'd say Hagia Sophia being a "world wonder with minarets" (the most recent form) is more or less accurate, in the context of Civ IV.



    Civ IV didn't care about being historically / chronologically accurate, anyway...

  12. If it's not seen after every kill, when is it seen? After critical hit kills? How does it work?

    I believe it is only triggered when you kill the last hostile within range. So if you're in an extended firefight, it's not going to go off until the last target drops.

    Good choice.

  13. HL1 for 2 bucks, Max payne (both) for five...

    HL1 was great for it's time, it still is, but graphics & physics are it's main drawback atm. Which is why I'm thinking of grabbing HL1 Source sometime...

    Wait for Black Mesa instead (if it ever comes out). HL Source is ...something you shouldn't ever experience.

    THAT bad, huh? I didn't know about Black Mesa Source, just checked it out, I thought HL:S would look something like this.


    I guess I was wrong...



    ^ Before posting this I watched some HL:S videos. It looked exactly like HL1. I don't get it...


    Thanks for the heads up.

  14. :):p

    I will definitely use it sometime, in appropriate context.



    I always get enraged with wishy-washy attempts to make everyone happy. Particularly when you do so by taking power out of the hands of people smart enough to make themselves happy

    You CAN make everyone happy WITHOUT taking anyone's power (read: smart people can be made happy, too).


    That was my point. :)

  15. I don't consider myself a graphic 'ho, but I'm discovering that really old games, the very pixelated 320 type resolution graphics are finally beginning to impede my enjoyment for most of those. I think part of it is having the 23" widescreen monitor tho, where it's either this super super super tiny window or stretched out to truly horrendous proportions. Should've kept one of the old small CRT's for such. heh

    I guess this is the single reason why I couldn't finish (even the first quest) my most recent re-play of Diablo 2. I had an awesome time with it back in the day, on a 14" monitor of course, and I was itching for some Diablo, waiting for the 3rd game and all...


    I tried a resolution mod or something, but still...


    (Torchlight is a good enough substitute while waiting for D3; Borderlands too, if you like FPS RPGs. Both have a cartoony style and lack the serious tone of Diablo, though.)

  16. HL1 for 2 bucks, Max payne (both) for five...

    HL1 was great for it's time, it still is, but graphics & physics are it's main drawback atm. Which is why I'm thinking of grabbing HL1 Source sometime...



    And now that I've spent 10
  17. I can see you are trying to be nice and inclusive

    And I can see you want those options... like... want them BAD. :)


    ten seconds of customising

    If we were talking about character customization, I'd laugh my a** off right now. If it takes less than half an hour, it doesn't count. :lol:

    That, or I'm a perfectionist and/or control freak. :ermm:

  18. Never played the King's Quest games. A little info? Worth getting excited?


    Well, the King's quest series is basically the Patriarch of the adventure game genre, and really the earliest blockbuster IP in the industry. It was the Super Mario of PC gaming, really.


    Then it's such a shame I somehow managed to not play any of them. The rest sounds interesting. Thanks.

  19. I found the game actually more challenging at parts when I played exclusively with vats, because it meant waiting for it to cooldown a lot.

    I think you found it challenging because you still "gimped" your game, only in a different way (different than using only Real-Time Combat). When you use RTC and VATS when appropriate you see that the latter gives a HUGE advantage (and that's not even counting the flawed RTC :ermm: )


    No ****. Never said otherwise. But I wanted to play the game utilizing only my character skill, not my player skill. Oh wait hold on let me strikethrough some text I figured that would have been fairly blatantly obvious.


    This wasn't a discussion about the "appropriate" use of VATS. I said that when I played the game using exclusively VATS I enjoyed it. You then decided to illustrate be an ass and strike it out and say you disagreed.


    Might as well have just misquoted me and said "Fixed!" Or is that too 2008 now?

    What's with the attitute?

    in multiple threads, to boot




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