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  1. I can see where anyone who is anti-religion is going to hate the ending, but it is a fantasy show, so get over it.


    I thought it was great, the whole shebang. I really liked the way they didn't end it totally. You've got Ben and Hurly running the island, you've got a bunch of folks making it back home. The ones who didn't make it found each other in the alternate reality.


    I teared up three times. Jin and Sun of course got me, that was the best romance. Charlie and Claire also got me, which I was surprised by given my meh-ness towards Charlie. Sawyer and Juliet was pretty great too.

    I completely agree with you. Even though I still don't understand everything(and I somehow don't even care that much) I thought it was great.

  2. Finally watched Avatar.


    That's James Cameron at his best. Inane script, nice action.




    I just got it on Blu-Ray. It looks fantastic, easily the best Blu-Ray showcase movie out there.

    I agree! I also bought it on Blu-Ray and it looks beautiful! You can admire the animation much more.

  3. Maybe you should just have a glass of shut the hell up. You know it's not easy living with a self-righteous, pseudo-intellectual, insecure, dumb ass prick who believes pretty much every conspiracy theory out there, so cut me some slack, or what, am I supposed to be immune from getting down about anything? Problems, depression, anger, they are for the emo and weak minded people only, are they? I should just harden the **** up, right? I wasn't even being whiny in that post.

    Sorry, I didn't mean to get you upset or anything.

    I just meant if you're having some withdrawels because you're not drinking as much, maybe some wine would help.

  4. Just spent most of the day surfing the net. Got my two assignments done last night before the deadline today. Sent them off this morning. Was pretty happy with them although I got a little opinionated and they weren't very well referenced, but I'll let it slide, it won't set me back too much. The AFL season started last night, but the season opener was between arguably the worst team in the competition and one not much better, so I gave watching that a miss, besides it was delayed by nearly 4 hours. But tonight the reigning premiers are playing, they're always good to watch. So I'll be watching the footy tonight. I've been cutting back on my drinking big time lately. Been having some problems and was using it as a coping mechanism for a while, but the withdrawal symptoms just make things even worse so I've taken my foot off the pedal with that for a while, and may be reluctant to even ease back into drinking more than I am these days.

    Maybe you should just drink a few glasses of whine...

  5. I had a tough conversation with my wife. Ever since our son was born and she started a new job that requires her waking up at 5:00(and, subsequently, going to bed at 22:00), she's been paying very little attention to me, I almost don't exist for her anymore. In a way it is understandable, but she has also lost all of her sex drive, so all together, I feel like a person who just sleeps in her bed and eats her food and not her husband.


    Now, I've mentioned this to her before. We actually have this conversation regularly - every few months or so and every time she seems very apologetic and understanding, cries some, and then decides to be better, which she does...for a few days. Then I wait for a month or two, to see if she remembers that conversation, she doesn't and we start over. Yesterday's conversation was a bit more fatalistic in mood and definitely tough on both of us. I'm responding to it with a bit of a defeatist stance, almost not expecting any significant change(hell, even contemplating restarting smoking and heavy drinking) and her... well, I don't really know. We had a good conversation in the morning while I was on the bus, on my way to work. She seemed understanding my position and willing to work it out from her side. I just hope she sees it through.


    Oh, and she sent me a cute e-card.

    Are you talking to her over the phone? That's no way to have a meaningful conversation with somebody.

    Good luck, though!

  6. Has anyone here seen Alice in Wonderland? The critics think it's "meh" and people I know LOVED it.

    I haven't seen it yet, partly because I'm no fan of Tim Burton and I find it very annoying that he once again

    has Johnny Depp with a face painted pale white.

  7. Product placement scenes are always awkward, remember when they used cola bottles for a blood transfusions in Pearl Harbor. Blade 2, or was it 3 when the sexy young vampire hunter had to load up her Ipod to listen to while out smiting the undead - after all it's not like being able to hear while fighting for your life would be in any way useful.


    Why not just stop the movie and show an actual commercial, the pretense that the product actually matters is just stupid.


    With the costs involved with making movies, I have a hard time blaming the producers for finding ways to offset the costs. I understand if it is done badly, but he had a beat up early generation iPod that looked the part. I found it easy to believe. Would you rather he sport a Walkman?

    I agree. :thumbsup:

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