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  1. Since Obsidian is so good at deconstructing cliches and twisting old tropes in unique ways, I think it would be interesting if they made a game about time travelers who goes back to WW2 to take over the world, but instead of helping the Nazis like in every other story involving bad guys going back in time to WW2, they help the Americans.


    They arrive a few years before WW2 and use their technology to help America end the depression, becoming powerful political figures in the process. Eventually their leader defeats FDR in a presidential election. Then they use their technology to defeat the Axis power with ease. Since there's no constitutional amendment to limit presidential terms, their leader continues to get re-elected. They then proceed to take over Europe, defeat the Soviets and the Chinese, all while keeping the American people docile by continuously introducing new technology that makes their lives easier while they continuing to implement their agenda of global conquest.


    The main plot of the game would be about you going back to various points in history to undo the changes these time travelers have made. History changes based on the choices you make. A choice that may seem good could end up with diastrous consequences while "bad" choices must be made to restore the timeline. For example, these time travelers are using their future tech to help America defeat the Axis powers, so you might have to sabotage that effort so that the war could be prolonged to its original length, which in turn means allowing a lot more people to die.

  2. How about a third person RPG set in a sci-fi or larping convention where you play a character who's helping to organize and run the convention. It would have mechanics that's a combination of New Vegas, Alpha Protocol, and Bully.


    The different factions would be the fans of different sci-fi franchises. The two major factions would be the Trekkies and the Star Wars fans. Then you have various smaller factions like Dr. Who fans, Farscape fans, old BSG fans, new BSG fans, Babylon 5 fans, etc. The hostile raiders/mutants factions would be like the Twilight fans and the Michael Bay Transformer fans.


    They each have their own territory in the convention. You can do missions to help each faction make improvements to their territory like booking guests, organizing events, etc. You can also do missions where you sabotage rival factions. Your main goal would be to either help one faction take over the convention or you can work towards peaceful coexistence.

  3. I think that a turn based strategy game with RPG elements would be perfect for Obsidian. Something along the lines of the Heroes of Might and Magic, King's Bounty, or Disciples.


    It would allow you to create a brand new expansive world. It gives you the freedom to create either a massive story spanning entire nations or a small personal story following a specific hero. Not only that but there would also be an easy to use toolset that allows players to create their own maps, campaigns, and adventures.

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