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  1. I would cash everything I have in the bank and give it to Obsidian if they did this:


    Onyx Nights


    1. An open-source 3D engine similar to NWN2 (so the ****ty camera can always be programmed correctly).

    2. A scripting system that is easy/robust as NWN2.

    3. A rules set that is fully customizable (as in it could support any rule system).

    4. A ****ton of art assets including medieveal/modern/space.

    5. Tile and 3D environments, just like NWN2.

    6. Very good modding support for 3D models (3DS Max and that open-source one).

    7. Combat can be turn-based or RTwP.

    8. FACEGEN (so you can create as many new/different looking NPC's) and Speedtree

    9. An easy to use yet powerful editor that is also open-source.


    Basically take all the bad from NWN2 like it only uing the D&D ruleset, and open-sourced and very very modder friendly.


    If Obsidian truly cared about the cRPG genre, they would spearhead a game developed like this. That said, they are however a business and need to make something that would be profitable for the company. They probably could re-tool the onyx engine already to do all of the above.


    There you go Obsidian. This is something you could give to the entire cRPG community and it would only continue to grow and thrive.

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