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  1. 6 hours ago, Boneless pizza said:

    this is already a thing for me, it happens every time i attack a ladybug while on it's back. 

    Yeah, that got me and a friend by surprise. We were fighting a ladybug, she was on it and I was near it, then it jumped and killed both of us at the same time. That was like 0.8 if I remember when it was added, the new ladybug attacks. And now they are adding more moves to creatures.

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  2. I didn’t get around to the food yet, I am playing in Mild Mode to get used to the new features. I think the developers are trying for realism, and I think all of this is realistic and just need some getting used to. Have you tried the new RNG aspect of the game yet, one of the things in theory lower the stamina drains, another for food drain, and another for thirst drain, and more; with anything that why the changes was made, to direct you to the RNG aspect of the game.

  3. 4 hours ago, PliantWalkJojo said:

    For the time being, you can go to the cave under spade gulch to experience being surrounded by larvae in the dark. Fun!

    Yeah, I like that “Larvae Invasion” as I call it, maybe it like where they retreated. Good for Quarzites though, of course you need to kill like 20 or more of them before you can mine them. I do hope for more story and challenges though still, the same old can get a little boring after a while. I have found some interesting stuff in 0.10; one with the grill’s temporary location and the other with the sandbox, or more specifically inside it (didn’t know about it until a video pointed it out). I don’t want to spoil anything though, so I will let you explore the areas if you want to know what the interesting things I saw was. Photo Mode might come handy though, since it pauses the game and let you look around.

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  4. Well, before I started playing, I remembered hearing that ants would see you as a treat and would start attacking, maybe they didn’t get around to it yet. It still pre-release, so a lot can change or get added. Would be cool though, it would give the game a challenge and a bit of unpredictable nature, if that makes sense.

  5. I don’t think it is a bug, I seen it too but if I remember correctly it is trying to get other bugs to join the battle. It is annoying though, I couldn’t even hit a Bombardier Beetle with a club until my friend got into range; I followed it into the Hedge, right on its tail all the way, until I was finally able to hit it; so that part is a bug, disappearing hit box. I also ran into number 2, don’t know about number 3.

  6. On 7/28/2021 at 4:11 AM, Wayne D said:

    You guys are crazy I play on whoa mode solo without mithridatism broodmother would be impossible it's bad enough if you don't perfect block you die from a single attack if you don't have enough smoothies to fully heal before the next attack, the poison would just insure death.

    I recently was able to kill the Broodmother with my friends, and it took maybe like 10 tries or so to actually defeat it once. It kept on healing back up to full health, and the minions are a major problem maybe, even with healing we kept dying. We are on Medium mode, and we could only defeat the Broodmother when we all had the mutation active along with healing, which was finally fixed in 0.10.2, although we didn’t play until 0.10.3. And this is with 3-4 people, myself included, it is by far not an easy fight.

  7. I think some people forget how scary the game is very early on, it basically goes away when you get the Ladybug Armor and Mint Mace. That is basically why I don’t really start a new world a lot, because I am so afraid of everything until I get the stuff I have listed above, I also found out that egg sacks helps with progression faster.

  8. I want this so much, would definitely help with going up the 35 bounce web tower I have made for quick travel anywhere in the backyard. Maybe also something like this for the ziplines too, for easy transport of a lot of grass planks and weed stem.

  9. I have a world where I have collected everything that is in the game, but it isn't in order. I would love if I could reorganize is so the logs are in order along with the notes, to try to piece together the storyline of when everything happened. I have been listening to a video on YouTube, trying to piece together the logs, but since some of them aren't in the game yet (like the Personal Log 4, which require a glitch to get to it in the Haze Lab), the Data tab will get disorganized. I have came up with a theory of what happened to Wendell thanks to the video below. My theory on what happened to Wendell is that maybe he went crazy working on the shrink machine.


    Grounded 6_11_2021 10_51_08 AM.png

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  10. So while looking around in the new Creative With Bugs gamemode, looking at the things they have changed in the backyard, more specifically where the pipes use to be, I have found a hole with an underwater lake in it. I went and swimmed in it using the Photo Mode to see if it went to the Haze Lab. It did, but you need to watch where you swim because there are also areas with no water in it. I don't know if this is how the developers wanted you to enter the Haze Lab, so it should maybe be plug up with a rock or something so people won't accidently fall out of the world swimming in it. Hopefully this all made sense since I can't add pictures showing it.

  11. A few days ago I had reported a bug to the developers that put you into a spectator mode. I have recently tried it on 0.7 and it looks like the annoying part of the bug been fixed. But going back to after I reported the bug, I looked it up and found that it had been in the game since the 29th of July. I don’t know coding but I feel like a bug that been in the game for 7 months is hard or near impossible to fix, so I am wondering if it can be turned into a feature, because being able to see where you want to build from the air instead of from the ground sound cool. It might also solve the bug maybe, but again, I don’t know code.

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