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  1. there no outputlog I could find( EGS version, this file is not in the directory with, and maybe on the computer). For info higher - * this one of location where this occur(Gilded Vale(Inn) and Cilant Lis, Cave in Valewood - there is too). And there is some extended info: I think this is occur in location where I already camp/rest(but this doesnt work to Valewood - there issue was at very start of location and I didnt camp there earlier. DxDiag.txt
  2. Valewood - there this occur 3d894b60-5759-4365-8f4f-0137f43780d1 autosave_0.savegame
  3. Title. First time I got this in 2nd location in game and only was camping in cave with bears, now this happened when I tried to rest in Inn in settlement second time(first wasnt freeze). Now I can buy camp supplies(but not really want to do that) and rest somewhere else, but this is start of the game and I have only 2 supplieses so I worried about future and this is distarb me + I dont know where will be freeze or it doesnt. Details For camping u/me press on camp supplies or choose option in dialoge with Inn bartender, next choose proffits/room, next button to rest or camp. Whe
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