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    My favorite games are Grounded and The Sims! I also love astronomy, art (especially drawing, painting, and calligraphy), animals, camping, kayaking, & learning languages!

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  1. Just curious when the next storyline update is? I understand the team is working really hard to push updates out, fix bugs, and release patches. I’m really excited for them to update the story, especially since I can no longer progress through the storyline. With that being said, the team is doing an excellent job pushing out updates, and with the development and design of the game in general. My favorite game for sure!
  2. I’m sure that will definitely be a lot easier! Thank you!
  3. Adding to what you said about gliders, they could also add maple leaf helicopter and leaf parachutes! Awesome ideas and suggestions
  4. I play on multiplayer on Xbox 1 and have found a couple of bugs, however, I also have some suggestions as well. Bugs/glitches (not including ones that have been posted by other players): • Map Bug: Upon logging in, I fall through the map. This isn’t a serious bug, but is still annoying nonetheless. • Hot Pouch Reset: This may not be considered a bug and more of just a save issue, but when first logging in, the order of my items in my hot pouch reset and scatter themselves. I tend to like the items in my hot pouch to be organized so that when I need them, I know exactly where the
  5. I’ve had this problem as well, twice! The first time my brother and I actually rage quit! It discouraged us because I lost all of my armor, weapons, and everything in my inventory! There was no backpack to find... it all just disappeared! It took about 3 days of playing for us to get my stuff back. Then it happened again, but luckily we went back to a previous save and got it all back. Hopefully they fix this soon!
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