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  1. Thanks @Exanos for the tip about Blightheart.

    Thanks @dgray62, indeed Energized with overlapping Chill Fogs and Freezing Pillars together with the repeating chant (and of course Eld Nary) would create so many interrupts that it would likely prevent anyone from doing anything will turning the area into a total killzone.

  2. Hi everyone,

    So I'm definitely very late to the party on this and I'm ready to own it - just wanted to share some fun if that can give anyone ideas :).

    After many contributors here mentioned how much they love the Chanter's "Thick Grew Their Tongue" Chant coupled with "Their Champion" Invocation to get a straight-forward, outstanding AoE perma-Interrupt toon, I wanted to tinker with it on a solo SC Troubadour.

    My idea was simple and built upon some know synergies:

    • Wield Sacha's Scimitar, later dual wield with The Weyc's Wand
    • Just literally sing one chant: "Thick Grew Their  D... errr, Tongue" with Brisk Recitation On
    • Cast Empowered "Far From Defeated" (the upgrade from "Their Champion") at the beginning of the encounter
    • Now, we're removing Concentration and Interrupting everyone with Energized in a huge AoE every 3 sec AND...
    • Between Sacha's Scimitar "Refreshing Finale" and the "Far From Defeated" perks, we get 6 phrases back instantly
    • So we follow up immediately with "They Did Sing a Song" or "Eld Nary's Curse" or "Her Tears Felt Like Rain" or the good ol' "Her Revenge" x2 depending on the situation
    • If we are dual-wielding The Weyc's Wand, with "Attuned Channel" everything we're doing at this point is at +3PL

    This works really well, more or less from level 11 on (!), but requires a bit more work and art in Solo Upscaled PotD to be something that I want to continue on a full solo playthrough. However, oh boy... in a party this is outstanding. The "Interrupt everyone every 3s" loop is a bit too tight Solo to guarantee invulnerability against big, tough crowds. But when you have a team to spread out incoming attacks, it is very good. And after that, you have all the usual Chanter awesomeness and versatility on top.

    Happy to hear if you have other thoughts. Cheers!

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  3. On 10/15/2021 at 6:07 PM, mjo2138 said:

    In sum it feels like a Swashbuckler loses its utility in the late game.

    Yes, Smoke Veil is the bread and butter for most solo MC rogue builds, and indeed it loses some of its potency in late game where you can't reset encounters. Then you have to resort to Arcana to survive certain fights. SC Assassin can do it without and is arguably the most powerful solo Rogue (and arguably one of the very top solo classes in the game, with SC Bloodmage, SC Monk and a number of Multiclasses).

    In my opinion, putting aside The Ultimate which is a very specific challenge requiring a "very specific set of skills" :) and putting aside abusing bugs like Strand of Favor god mode.... the big discriminators between classes in their solo-ability will be: can they solo the critical path on Upscaled PotD at all, can they solo the critical path without abusing Arcana all the time (the list becomes much smaller), can they solo ALL optional tough areas including ALL Megabosses (there it boils down to a few classes)... also several classes without renewable resources will only open up to solo if you do the god dialog choices in order to get tier 3 Wit of Death's Herald after Ashen Maw, which gives you a per-rest, on-demand Brilliant.

    As to whether Solo play in Deadfire is fun or not, it's really up to personal preferences. Personally I think it is fun - which is fortunate because I've played that way for a 1,000+ hours :). It's a different way to enjoy the game, both the storyline and the combat. I find it personally simpler than party play. 

    On 10/15/2021 at 6:07 PM, mjo2138 said:

    Why do most people choose priest of skaen - to reset battles using Invis?

    It just has a very useful mix automatically learnt spells, especially for The Ultimate. Wael is also quite universally useful. You can't reset encounters in The Ultimate.

    On 10/15/2021 at 6:07 PM, mjo2138 said:

    What has your recent solo experiences been like? Which classes have you enjoyed?

    I'm partial to SC Bloodmage, I've loved most of the multiclass Bloodmage variants, SC Assassin is great if you like stealthy play. I've had a ton of fun with Mindstalker, currently I'm having fun with SC Fury Druid. It would be easier to ask what to avoid :) like a solo naked SC Mage Slayer for example!

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  4. 1 hour ago, crdvis16 said:

    I'd feel guilty if I gave myself the +2 might from pork as a passive.

    To each their own :). Just in the spirit of being thorough, I think that you could also get the extra +2 MIG points from the Guardian's Plate last enchantment, Plagued Strength (+1 Health Restored per 6.0 sec, +2 Might, Constitution, Dexterity while Afflicted). But that is a lot of work :). Go through BoW, do the soulbound upgrade quests, then you'd need to get an Affliction every time to trigger the buff... and voilà, your last +2 MIG.

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  5. 11 hours ago, crdvis16 said:

    Consuming Pork on rest for +2 just gets suppressed by the +5 from Frenzy so that's no help.

    Have you checked if this is still true when you save/reload after having rested? Reloading *might* permanently turn the food bonus from an active to a passive buff and thus allow to stack with Frenzy.

    You seem to already have a solution thanks to Boeroer but maybe this will work without having to use iroll20s :).

  6. On 9/8/2021 at 4:18 AM, dgray62 said:

    What food are you using? I'm always torn between Captain's Banquet and Crusted Swordfish for casters.

    Well, maybe I'm a victim of seasonality as Fall is already upon us, but I'm having a lot of Shark Soup. :) I also use the Captain's Cabin bonus which is nice to stack with other +Empower points bonuses when regularly empowering Greater Maelstrom like there's no tomorrow.

    I'm happy to be back to the Deadfire grind after a long trip to the US (from France) with my wife and son. Flying and driving across the East Coast and Midwest for 3+ weeks to introduce our toddler to his family Stateside, all while avoiding pandemics and travel bans... glad to be back home!

    Also, really grateful for the "Mark Forum as Read" button otherwise I'd still be scrolling through dozens of amazing and marginally less amazing threads :).

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  7. 16 minutes ago, Ouroboros226 said:

    That is a good point... do you think the devs actually intended solo triple crown to be a use-anything-you-can scenario? I want the achievement to feel earned. But maybe the devs designed it kinda like "do ANYTHING you'd like to make it" sort of.

    I’m not sure honestly but I think it’s more like “hey all you masochistic hardcore gamers who are going to find a million ways to break the game left and right, show us what you can do against impossible odds”. After all, they created The Ultimate! So it’s like they keep raising the bar, and gamers keep finding new, smart, cheesy or less cheesy ways to pass it. 

    Anyway I think you should seriously look at SC Monk if you haven’t already, maybe SC FF or SC Nalpazca. Or SC Helwalker if you like to suffer. Maybe it will fit your requirements! Or maybe you also find those late game Monk abilities cheesy… they are a bit indeed.

    But hey on another thread you mentioned IWD. I’m curious: for example there how do you consider a Solo Dragon Disciple bathing in their own Incendiary Clouds? OK cheesy or too much? Because there are only so many ways you can solo IWD at high difficulty and this is one of the few possibilities. 

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  8. 30 minutes ago, Ouroboros226 said:

    The issue with trying to google and research characters for triple crown and triple crown solo, is that I mostly  found what I'd consider to be cheesy, abusive or exploitative

    Interesting question, but it would be helpful to understand what you consider as cheesy, abusive or exploitative. I fear it’s going to be rough to find a strong contender without some kind of feature that some would consider cheesy one way or another. 

    Also, in late game DLCs there are lots of encounters you can’t just sneak out of and reset. Encounters go on as long as enemies live, and you have little space to maneuver. And by then, everybody hit like absolute trucks on PotD, with thousands of health points. I do love Shifter/Assassin solo but in my very humble opinion based on a fair amount of solo runs with other builds I don’t think it’s triple crown solo material. Even using a ton of arcana, alchemy etc. it would be subject to a ton of RNG.

    IMO the game is balanced so that late-stage PotD is meant for a decently optimized lvl20 party. You will hardly be able to solo against those odds without some kind of Uber-synergy or unexpected mechanic (i.e. cheesy to some) to balance things out 🙂

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  9. 7 hours ago, dgray62 said:

    Yes, I was wondering how you use Shifting Storm to deaggro and reset fights. Is the idea that you attack with a spell from the farthest possible range, then shift and translocate far enough away to end combat? If so, I can see why it wouldn't work on Gorecci Street, since there's not enough room there, while it would, presumably, at the dig site.

    What I did at the beginning was attack and aggro normally, get all your spells going on the enemy (Hold Beast, Touch of Rot, Insect Swarm and Returning Storm) also cast Storm's Rage for good measure, then use Shifting Storm to bolt away and turn around a corner to deaggro. Rinse and repeat.

    It is indeed absolutely perfect for the Dig Site if you make your stand up the stairs between the training grounds upper entrance and the ladder: get the enemy to gather up there, pummel them, then you can use Shifting Storm DIRECTLY up on the platform above and run away to reset the fight! Enemies won't chase you. Works probably with any Escape ability too.

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  10. 8 hours ago, thelee said:

    how does this work? you hit them, combat starts, and then by the time the get to you they de-aggro?

    You hit them, continue to cast spells that can hit them from afar (which includes PoI for example, which DoT will keep you in combat). Once you've cast everything you have and DoT have been cleared, combat will end. Your spells will be replenished and you can start again faster than enemies can regain health out of combat. So in one or two more cycles you will have destroyed even tanky groups.

    Target healers first of course - the only encounter that was a bit annoying (still totally doable) was Beina with all the healers. To make it easier you could cast a DoT from afar, spiritshift, hit yourself with Storm's Rage with Deltro's Helm on, then cast 2x Sunlance +  Shock Lash on those pesky priests. :) 

    Here are all the spells that you may safely use with a range of 21 or more (18 for the Insect spells but it still works with precise positioning/targeting to avoid aggro):

    Dancing Bolt, Burst of Summer Flame, Blizzard, Insect Swarm, Hail Storm, Embrace of the Earth Talon, Plague of Insect, Sunlance.

    As you can see, quite a few casts that can together really obliterate a group of regular enemies (knowing that you have really good PEN/ACC with many of those from Fury + passive abilities + PL & ACC stacking from items). Against non-poison resistant enemies, PoI is amazing and it doesn't matter that it targets FORT, since if it doesn't land, nothing happens and you get your spell back.

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  11. 9 minutes ago, Boeroer said:

    Too bad you can't cast Instruments of Pain out of combat.

    Funny thing is I though about your finding with a ridiculously high range Sunlance + Instrument of Pain as I had read your post on this some time ago.

    But as you said, the point of the AC-130 SPECTRE Build is to cast out of combat, Death From Above style. Furthermore, even without IoP my theoretical spell range exceeds my effective targeting range.

  12. Hi everyone,

    I've been trying a playthrough with a Solo SC Fury that (contrary to all my other Solo playthroughs) gets to rest a lot and uses the Empower feature to its full extent. I'm having a huge, huge amount of fun with it. I have to take a little break with this toon because I'm going on a trip that is not laptop-friendly. But before I may potentially report on a build if it's good 'til the end, I'd like to share a few things with the community already:

    1) This may have been already noted somewhere, but the +20% range of the Fury on Element spells coupled with the inherently huge range of many Druid spells, plus the +20% range of Far Casting, plus all the AoE size bonuses you can get... mean that you can very consistently harm enemies while staying out of their aggro range (even with non-Elements spells). Simply put, I could cheese a fair amount of the early game and nearly every single high-level bounty by staying on the other edge of the map, pummeling the enemy with high range spells and repeating ad mortem. If you wear the Assassin Slippers or use Invisibility Potions, you can get even more cheesy-cheesy enemy KIAs.

    2) Even without so much stinky cheese, you can use the above initial strike from afar to soften enemies with something impactful, let them come while you cast Relentless Storm and/or Call of the Primordials, then go Maelstrom crazy. (see below).

    3) Early on, strategic use of Shifting Storm (to deaggro and reset fightsand Storm's Rage with Touch of Rot, Insect Swarm, Hold Beast and Returning Storm can own the absolute crap out of Maje - except Gorecci Street.

    4) Later on, I went full PL-stacking, Empower-bonanza and Deltro Helm self-harm rampage. Took all the Empower abilities, all the Elements +PEN, wear Deltro Cage, Deltro Helm, Lord Darryn's Voulge, Ring of Focused Flames... then proceed to 1) hit myself with Great Maelstrom to get a 120%+ lash then 2) Empower (if needed) a Great Maelstrom. So far I've been able to one shot many foes I've never one-shotted before with a non-Strand of Favor build. This is routinely doing 500 DMG per pulse and so, so many pulses. It feels like playing an AC-130 Spectre with an away team on the ground, but High Fantasy RPG style. [Fury - Fire for effect. Good effect on target. Be advised, now danger close. Fire for effect. Good effect, no more tangos.].

    5) When I get back, I plan to complete the build with Stage 3 of Wit of Death Herald (Brilliant), Least Unstable Coil (another Brilliant possibility), and the Vithrak Silk Slippers for a 1-in-20 chance to double cast Great Maelstrom when I need the super cheese.

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  13.  Thematically speaking, Conquest should be ranged and ideally use a bow.


    Death - could be IMO either SC Priest of Berath or a Berserker/Beckoner kind of Necromancer - summoning and maybe killing dozens of Skeletons.

    Famine - is definitely a Decay-focused druid (Ancient probably), I'd say multi with Helwalker.

    War - I'd actually do a Shifter/Devoted or Priest of Berath/Devoted - for Firebrand or Berath's 2Hander.

    Conquest - I can see a ranged Blood Mage (Caedbald Blackbow!).

    PS: I should know, I live 10mn away from the Tapestry of the Apocalypse! :) 

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  14. 56 minutes ago, dgray62 said:

    So assassinate helps you land the spells in the first place, right? But am I correct in recalling that it won't affect the DOT damage? Given how well this works in a party, I see that having a FORT debuffing barb on the team would be a big help.

    You are absolutely correct that it won't affect the pure DoT Damage values, but landing a Hit especially, or a Crit will give you a better duration (+25% on a crit), so more total damage. In the case of a burst +DoT spell like Touch of Rot you win on every possible front (Burst DMG, PEN, Duration...) which is why it scales so well.

    Indeed, a Barb inflicting AoE Daze (-10 FORT) and/or or a Chanter with the -14 FORT Chant Debuff on top + an Assassin/Ancient or Assassin/Shifter to land those spells = enemies melting away while the party is safe from friendly fire. All these also help land the Relentless Storm CC (which should probably be last to not interfere with landing Insect spells from invis - since the pulsing attacks from the Storm will cancel invis).

    With just Insect Swarm, Plague of Insects and Relentless Storm (maybe a refresh of the Insect Swarm Cast) we are talking about 1200+ Raw/Shock damage per target, plus refreshing Stun AoE, AoE Sicken, all of it in a giant radius. And then you can potentialize everything for even more Raw damage with Infestation of Maggots. This is just with this one dude's PL2-3-5 spells!

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  15. 4 hours ago, Ouroboros226 said:

    There are many ways you can build a shifter/rogue. It will excel as stealth assassin, offtank, melee dps or any combination of that. 

    Definitely. I'm playing solo which is different, but I've found that a nice perk of this Shifter/Assassin is that it's an Assassin/Caster that could for once play really well in a party: mostly because the Insect spells are Foe-only. This is really cool since you don't have to worry about hitting your frontline at all. At the same time, those spells are super powerful and scale extremely well but are balanced by targeting FORT (and for PoI, by being a poison effect :() which is where the +ACC from Assassin is amazing. 

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  16. By the way, I can't believe I slept (as Boeroer would say) on solo Assassin/Shifter for so long. There is so much potential and it is so much fun to play!

    I cleared everything in Maje Island almost entirely by using Stealth > Insect Swarm > Smoke Veil > Touch of Rot > Flee and Smoke Veil. Once the weak have been culled by the AoE DoT-fest, shift to Boar form to get all those nasty Wildstrike Attack DoTs stack on the few survivors.

    Feels also very thematically nice with the Shadow Druid vibe. Prowling in the dark alone, casting forbidden plague/decay incantations then shifting to a bloodthirsty beast. When I think that you can add to this routine things like Plague of Insect, Pernicious Cloud, Infestation of Maggots, Sunlance single target sniping... can't wait!

    EDIT: it also made me fully aware of how insanely powerful Touch of Rot is for a PL1 spell! Right from the start, you can get the burst + DoT up to a total potential of 200+ DMG per target on a crit. In AoE. For a PL1 spell. And it scales amazingly with PL, INT and MIG to easily get to twice this potential later on. With the Assassin +25ACC, +4 PEN and +50% Crit DMG on the initial attack, this is just too good (when it lands).

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