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  1. I still want a CaRPG (stupidest name ever).


    An open world, based around racing and cars and social interaction (not with other players, but other NPC's). No killing, just racing/solving quests for money and experience, upgrade your car, buy new cars, explore and find new cars/mechanics/underground racing clubs/parts dealers.


    Plenty of exploration (which means you need to be able to get out of your car GTA style). Actually GTA4's engine would be perfectly suited for a game of the type I am imagining. An open world with lots of stuff to do, but also with tight, well-designed "levels", where most of the story missions take part, kind of like how Borderlands did it (enclosed areas inside the open world).


    I wish more people would play Road Trip Adventure to see what kind of game I want. Just more realistic (real life cars would be awesome) and with a better story, better handling and.. better everything, basically.


    This project will never happen. Just building the world is such a huge undertaking. I think only Rockstar would be able to pull it off, but they are only interested in making ultra-violent third person shooters.

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