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  1. Bless you.....three! All in one place! Now there's  a nightmare I hope to never encounter.  Though I have been attacked by orb weavers five at one time. Not sure how they all appeared at once. Just strolling along, bumped into one spider all by his lonesome, then zap.......one turned into three and then two more joined in the game. Of course, this was along the pond side of the wooden posts. And we all know about "Spider Alley" on the other side, but how they all appeared on the pond side....? I was too deep in spider parts, goo and legs to see clearly anyway. Then just as I was finished with the last leggy critter....BONG....I was unceremoniously flung between a gap in the wooden wall and dumped into the clutches of two more orb weavers on the other side. Oh.....how I despise those web slingers!  Whew! And I survived the encounter! Still can't believe it. Ladybug Armor and a mint hammer. Oh...and a few smoothies.  However, even one Wolf Spider if one too many. Give me my bow and all the arrows I can carry. With a high perch, of course. Eyeball to eyeball....no way!  :) Are we having fun yet? :) 

  2. Yes....first person view is awful in the haze. Not only fogged over, but the dizzy special effects...wavy spirals and floating flecks of debris.... makes it so hard to focus that I'm easily lost and quickly nauseated. Very immersive. Extremely effective. But, not pleasant. Feeling a little sick. Claustrophobic. I don't need a health bar in real life to take the hint. "Get me outta here!" 

    Should a gas mask make the visuals less daunting? I would suggest, at the very least, reduce the wavy psychedelic yellow queasiness. Foggy....sure. It is the Haze, after all.  But many of us get dizzy just climbing the spiral stairs too fast, let alone getting tipsy on yellow fumes. A gas mask upgrade would help. :) 

  3. I agree wholeheartedly......Mosquitos will target you through solid walls,  destroy anything that stands between you and them, and chase you across half the yard before turning back. They also attack in packs of three, if you are not careful.  Way too overpowered, in my opinion. Especially if you are playing on mild/single player mode.  Some players love the near-death-experience, the challenge and thrill of battle.  Don't want to spoil their fun. Glad they have that option.  But it would be nice for a more thoughtful, balanced approach to the game when playing on Mild.  Or better yet,  implement other options like stealth mode, flytraps, decoys, and...........(Oh, please!)..........BUG SPRAY!   

    -Lure traps are nice, but how about a keep-out-of-my-base deterrent trap made of mint,  lavender or lemon grass....all natural mosquito repellent. Even ants will turn away from these plants. Maybe some lotion to apply to your character. Use nature to balance nature. 

    -Rebalance the chase distance as well as the aggro trigger. That would be very nice. 

    - Return us to the "I'm safe behind solid walls" part of the game as well.  I've watched two spiders spawn in, one on each side of a fenced wall, only to blink and they were suddenly both on the same side instead. The Fenced wall was useless.  Glitches happen. Some are even humorous. Some can even work in a player's benefit.  I've a wolf spider trapped in a rock. As far as I'm concerned, he can just stay there till the end of time. Not gonna debug him outa the rock. No sir, no way. Last time he was free, he waltzed right up to my front door and rang the doorbell.... (aphid under the stairs)  :) 

    Anyway, just a few suggestions. Love the game. Still having fun. :) 

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  4. I Absolutely agree. Some situations can intensify unexpectedly and you may need every arrow in your pack to survive. Running out in the middle of the

    battle and having to switch......well, there must be a better way.  The wheel meu is helpful. And I am glad they included that option. But going from normal thorn arrows to feathered automatically would be helpful. Or if you have selected feathered first, then auto equip thorn arrows when the other has been depleted. Perhaps choosing only the specialty arrows manually.  Just a thought. :) 


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  5. Single player/PC/Mild

    Observation:   Difficulty level "mild" is no longer a feasible option for players who wish to enjoy all the challenges of Grounded,

    but with less dying and all around screaming and running and endless repeating battles that are so annoying that you find yourself gritting your teeth and muttering some very (unladylike) comments under your breath while wondering "why...why...I just murdered the lot of you a day ago!" Or "You never re-spawned here before!" Or "Five? Five spiders all at once!" Or "how is this even possible?!" as you're unexpectedly flung from one side of the stump  to the other into the waiting lap of three more fang-hissing-eight legged-sweethearts. 


    Aftermath: still panting and slurping down one smoothie after another amidst the carnage of eight bloated bodies covered in goo, you suddenly realize that this battle was unnecessarily intense and in no way (not even close) be described as "mild".

    "I only wanted to...what?....what was I planning to do today?" "Gathering something, exploring, building something epic....or just out for a stroll....what?" But the sun is going down. Out of time. Out of options. (Sigh.) "Time to go home. Maybe .....tomorrow will be a better...."

                            "Oh no......That sound." (That whirling-helicopter-we-are-about-to-end-your-day kind of sound.)


                                                                                       " Ladybug  preserve us! Run!" 




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  6. Update:  FOR SCIENCE!

                   (AND for the rest of us still searching for feathers.)

    Week one:  -slow realization that feathers were no longer dropping at their usually delivery areas

                       -beginning to consciously search for them where and when the crow landed

                      -looking in other areas (reported sightings from helpful player feedback. (Thank you.)

    Results:    one feather (on the ground a bit further away from the birdbath than usual) Hmmm.....so they do still exist.

    Week two:

                     -settled in near the birdbath for observation

                    -remodeled small base while I waited (and waited.....and.....)

                    -gathered resources in the neighborhood (Still waiting.....)

    Results:  -crow arrived twice in one day/evening (no feathers)

                   -came back the last day and dropped one feather and flew off

                   -saw it land at the base of the birdbath

                   -zip line down to the ground and searched for it

                   -it had vanished/disappeared and/or melted into the ground? Hmmm........this may be the problem.

    Week three:

                  -built an observation tower on the stone wall/cliff and a new zip line to the birdbath bowl (lower level)

                  -started taking notes on re-spawn rate of resources and critters in the area

                  -continue observation of our contrary feathered friend (routine and feather watch)


                 -Resources start re-spawning (on average) every third day. Spiders can re-spawn overnight (one), then 

                   increase daily. Berries can come back in a day or two. Mushrooms take longer. Mosquitos.....Ugg! Need a bug spray repellent!

                                            So....if it can attack you.....it's back sooner than you like. :) 

                 -Crow lands and returns (sometime morning/evening in the same day) with a three to four day absence. 

                -Feathers usually drop when the crow is landing or taking off

                 -one feather disappeared/vaporized without cause before it could land over the berry bush (on top/far right edge)

                 -one feather fell towards the small branch near where the crow had taken off and vaporized (right in my line of sight) just as it touched down.

                 -on the last day (blurry eyed, sleep deprived, overworked and frustrated) I looked up at the crow-fluffing-unreachable-tail feathers 

                  above me and fired five arrows straight where the sun-don't-shine. Squawk! Off he/she flew. And one lone feather fluttered down 

                  and landed (unscathed and perfect) into the lower birdbath.   Lost 4 arrows.......but it was....so.....worth it. :)   


                   -Three weeks/five feathers dropped in one specific area.  (I may have missed a few while building, but I sincerely doubt it. I usually 

                     stopped everything when (THUD!) the crow landed. And I was working right across from the birdbath.)

                   -Three feathers vaporized immediately when landing or just before

                   -Two feather were successfully harvested

    Obsidian, we have a problem. I can understand reducing the drop rate so we are not tripping over feathers on-mass in a few areas. Even a balanced 

    de-spawn rate is acceptable. However, since the update, both the drop rate and the de-spawn timer have been out of balanced to the extreme.  

    I realized you have other tweaks and patches coming our way. Hope this is on your list. Thanks. :)  Still having fun. 














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  7. Thanks everyone......I'll keep searching and let you know if I find any. Every time that crow lands somewhere, I go charging across the yard and look....But nothing so far. Pleading with an animated feathered critter is so undignified. "Drop one......just one.....please......pretty please. :) 

    De spawning the feathers? Reducing the drop rate?

    Ah.....guess I'll save my arrows, put up my bow and call it a day. No sense running around searching the entire yard for only one feather

    at a time. Think I'll just chill out by the lily pad and down a smoothie. Not to panic. Obsidian will figure it out soon enough.  Have fun everyone....:) 



  8. I haven't seen even one since the update. They use to appear across the pond and two usually came near my base by the birdbath, high up on the stone wall.

    Now....not a single one.  I'll try some of the places mentioned here and see if I can locate them. Crow feathers have also disappeared form their usual places as well.

    Obsidian is so great at solving most of the glitches when we bring them to their attention. Hope they patch this soon.....I'm running out of arrows and would like

    to make a few other hanging lights for my base. :) 





  9. Single player/ PC/Mild

    Haven't started a new game for a while now, so it's hard to say what changes the Obsidian team have

    incorporated into the re-spawn mechanics this time around. Remember always finding gnats at dawn

    and dusk hovering over pools of water near the ground. Some would show up for breakfast and dinner,

    without fail, every day. Water, however, was always a problem......until you make a dew catcher. Spent

    most of my day searching for gleaming dewdrops at the very, tippy top of the tallest blade of grass in

    fields of grass and clover. Ah.....those were the days. :) 

    A few suggestions:

    -Check to see if you are playing on Hard or Mild. The hunger and thirst meters are way


    -Make a dew catcher as soon as possible. Whatever it takes. Life will be ever so much easier. 

    -Unless you need their little puffs for making arrows, leave the mites alone. They are aggressive little

     brats and do not drop meat.

    -Acorns. Find the oak tree, make a hammer, and....whack....food and shells. Best food source in

     the game......as far as I have experienced. Fills the food bar quickly. Better than mushrooms.

     Keep a look out for spiders, though. Always.

    You might also find gnats hovering about.....usually at dusk and dawn.....over small pool of water.

    -Lastly, make a mushroom plot. It spawns 4 mushrooms overnight. 

    Hope this helps. Have fun. :)



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  10.  Has anyone seen any crow feathers since the new update? I've been playing all

    week and not a single feather to be found. I did the rounds two or three times, 

    but still no luck. Have they moved to other locations? Or are they reorganizing the spawn level/system

    and haven't finished the process yet? Running low on arrows and want to build another bed. Thanks

    for anyone's help. :) Have.....fun.


  11. Some simple, but necessary things like: 

    - a hook and line for retrieving weed and grass stems back to shore when you just didn't quite make that fancy jumping maneuver  or

      you forgot that weed stems bounce like rubber balls when they sail down the zip line and land on a very flat, spacious rock, but still 

      manage to land in the pond anyway. (Even evading the two story towered wall that was built as an all-purpose catcher mitt near the edge. Sigh.)

    -a couch.....a plump, purple couch to match the chair with the glorious option of being able to actually sit on it and enjoy some down time.

    -capes.....all types, all colors. Raid the backyard in style

    -more furniture to fill your spacious home and decorate your walls. 

    -a candle to be placed on the clover table: dining by candlelight.....a must. (Bee's wax anyone?)

    -a sling-shot.....not for killing, but to warn off little critters, and distract larger ones.

    -pets.....if they play in you backyard and won't leave, then name them, feed they.....and they become non-aggressive friends.  


    I'm sure other players and fans have their list as well. Feel free to join your ideas here. And .....have fun. :)




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  12. Yes, please:  a web, an acorn, a thorn, and a junk box.  Also, signs that have a post so you can place them not on the ground, but upright

    while traveling and use all those directional arrows just sitting there in menu and not being used. Great idea!

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  13. Yes.....I agree. Personally, I don't mind an occasional combat situation or pitting my wits against the Big Bad Wolf Spider.  Or defensive building.

    Or even trying to figure out a creative work-around  when a new update suddenly plops down three mosquitos in my already critter infested backyard.

    (Three spiders, two bombers.....they have almost become pets. Throw down a lure to keep them happy, a few spike traps to keep the lure happy and

    keep everyone away from the back door. Cool. What's not to love.) Until the traps fall apart, three mosquitos hover over the pool, and the lure suddenly actually works and draws in more little critters than I have ever seen before. (Suicide runs....not pretty. Not what I intended.) OK....back to the drawing board. Clear the place of critters. (sorry George, Wilma, Bubbles, Pete and Wimpy. See  you next time around.) Demolished the traps and lures for parts, build a wall around the compound, build my stairs on the other side of the fence. And hope for the best.

    Whew! (No worries. Live high on a stump, overlooking the new improvements. Just chilling and waiting for the mosquitos to re-spawn.)


    However....back on track/topic.....it would be nice to have an option to play in a milder/peaceful backyard.

         -An 'easy' option for kids/adults with friendly critters (though still challenging in other ways: building, exploring, survival requirements

          and more of the main story. ) And a 'milder' Mild option game play. 

         -Scared of spiders? Two many legs....Option out menu. Have night terrors of hoards of bees invading the house? No problem.....option out.

          (I may not have a problem with fuzzy-buzzy bumbles humming around the garden....but others may break out in a cold sweat.)

        -  Love the challenge of combat, but don't want the continuous 24/7 of repeat battles, or high re-spawn levels, or multiple re-spawns

            in the same location over time and absence:  increase the re-spawn time limit to several days/keep the re-spawn number to a minimum,

           especially if the player has gone adventuring for couple of days.

        -Tired of looking over your shoulder and jumping at grass moving up ahead.....lower the aggravation threshold and we're good

          to travel and explore.  (I don't bother you, you don't bother me.)

         -Or implement sneak mode, camouflage clothing/armor, web slinger distraction slings. Anything that reduces  face to face combat. 

        -Also, implement a more sensible, less aggressive AI when in the new 'Easy' or Mild game play. 

           Real spiders and critters, in general, are not aggressive. Run into a wall or a fence.....no problem. I'll just mosey away.       

          They don't go into a frenzy and eat the furniture, tear down walls or have tantrums if they can't move forward. The AI should

          tell them to  turn around  and wander away. Like an Auto-Vacuum robot.....bump, turn around and move on.  Not get stuck in

          a fence wall or faze through it like it wasn't even there. Or eat it.

           (What good is a fence if two spiders spawn on one side, then a moment later, they're both on the other side.)

        -And I would prefer an alternative use of the spikey trap.....as a deterrent, not a killing machine. Ouch....that hurt! I'll just avoid

         the spikey thing and play  elsewhere.  (in easy or mild game play) Mess with their webs and babies.....Game On Intruder!

    Anyhow.....some suggestions that could open up this wonderful world to more peaceful minded individuals who respect nature, love exploration, hate face to face combat and can't abide killing ladybugs. :)  Have fun everyone. 


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  14. No......absolutely and without reservation.....No!!!!

    Not even ONE.... nonaggressive/nonpoisonous/slithering neighbor. NO.....no legs, no go. Try lizards,  roaches, praying mantis, or 

    (SHUDDER)  Frogs on the lily pads swallowing children in one gulp and destroying their four story, lily pad mansion in one hop is 

    worlds above better than even one terrorizing, slithering (quadruple SHUDDER) snake in the grass.  DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT......Obsidian. Please, please, please....NO SNAKES.

    DISCLAIMER:  ah.....about those frogs.....Forget I even mentioned them.  That was a 'Never-Ever".  Never said it... never, ever mentioned such a thing.....you never, ever heard it from me, Obsidian.  And you would never, ever play such a cruel trick on 

    your adoring fans and players....now, would you.?  Of course not. That would be.....just silly. Right? 

    Though......if they were adorably cute, medium/smallish in size, nonaggressive, respective of players homes and property,

    AND.... have an all consuming drive to spawn near mosquitos, snatch those pesky dive-bombers in mid-flight and swallow them whole.....well, maybe.....that would kind a work. Just....maybe. If you were just....I don't know....thinking about ....say....frogs. :) 

    BUT......NO SLITHERING......please. Respectively submitted. 


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  15. Great suggestions.  Would love to see an option for riding a lady bug as well, with a designated route mapped out along the trench like paths

    already in place in the game. Hopped on one the other day and it was amazingly fun to just mosey along without a care in the world, but we just

    went around in circles.  Also, if wearing a suit of ladybug armor while riding, she will consider the player as a friend and will defend against all

    enemies that attack you.  (Though, I would love another way to get ladybug parts without having to kill one. They are just too cute to kill. ) 

    In fact, more peaceful critters in the backyard would be nice: Butterflies, snails, caterpillars, potato bugs.....etc. Not many, but a few to balance

    off the elite bullies that seemed to be overpopulating the garden lately.  Friendly, nonaggressive, and respectful of player homes and property. 


    And yes, another use for spider chunks. If I kept all the spider chunks that dropped in the game, I'd have to build an entire warehouse for storing them. Mosquitos are getting out of hand as well. I've had to trash tons of resources, because a single player just has so little need to keep them on hand.

    Don't need that many swords.  And the spider armor is not that great to begin with...so, one is enough. (Just for an achievement and show.)


            A spider cape (part camouflage, part defensive) for those times the player just wants to pass by unnoticed

                    or have the cape give the player extra dodge abilities when fighting spiders. Any aggressive move though.......and the fight's on.

            Spider goggles:  increases spider sense and vision in dim places.

           Make an Anti-dote for spider venom using rare ingredients spread across the backyard plus spider parts, venom...etc. (Could be a new quest line. )
           Use the mosquito beak for spikes on a new mace weapon. (More mint please.) :) 

            Spider skeleton drops for a more powerful hammer or armor.   The drops can be rare to make it balanced. 

    Just a few ideas. Hope this inspires Obsidian to new possibilities.  Like always, love the game.  And .......have fun. :) 






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  16. PC/single player, on mild:

    Note to self:  Ditto! Loss several axes that way.  Don't know why my finger keeps hitting  that key, but....yeah. It's a thing. :) 

              - Also, the floating bone. What... the Acorn is that all about?

              - The traps are another glitch.  Just repaired the lure and spike traps, everything in the green, but the flashing red icons

                    remain unless you save and reload. (PC player here:)

              - Food and drink icon in inventory: same here. 

               -The diving bell spider parts show up in chest and inventory as "white squares" after the update.

               -And, yes, even on PC, there has been a slight slow down in movement. Like I was walking instead of running.   Reloading seemed to help.

              - Lastly.....every critter in the backyard seems to be  spawning in way too quickly lately.  I usually have a three to four day respite

                      where I can do other things in "over populated" and dangerous areas, other than fighting, running and screaming.  Since the update,

                      I've noticed only a day of peace, before .....they're back.  And instead of one, often two or three  show up. I'm playing on mild

                      for a reason. Though I like all aspects of the game: survival, building, hunting, exploring and....yes, fighting all the backyard bullies

                      when necessary, I still enjoy those few days of no Wolf Spider at my door,  fewer mites near the fallen tree,  no mosquitos hunting

                      me near my zip line.  That's why I build on a lily pad, on a stump, or a rock.....anywhere that's safe and as critter free as possible. 

                      Don't mind a battle or two, but  I need the down time.  The last three gaming days have me repairing damaged 24/7, outwitting

                     the Wolf Spider (AGAIN) and Dying (R.I.P) for the second time because those weak, broken spike traps can't stand up to a few mites,

                     but sure pack a punch if you try to get close enough to fix them. Whew! I haven't worked this hard since I retired. 

            -Despite all of this, Grounded is still the best game ever. The update did included several outstanding features. My favorite is the new

                    battle music for small critters.  Love it. No more heart attacks when the drums start beating.......Whew! just a mite. Ladders. Curved building.

                    And Obsidian fixed the repair tool!! Yes! Though....that was in the last update. Still............👍 thumbs up. And thank you. For all your hard

                    work and an amazing game.  And for listening to all of our suggestions, feedback and chit-chat.  :) 



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  17. Single player, pc:

    I have really, really  tried to work with the new updated changes to the traps in game.  (Always ready to find the positive if I can.)

    And this time, I was grateful for a chance to use my new (and now fully operational) repair tool  on something worthwhile.....the defense of

    the treehouse! Save the traps! 

    Three days, two deaths and 5 repair tools later.....I waved a white flag, demolished the traps for scrap and put up a for sale sign. (Sigh)

    You are right. This change is overpowered chaos. And not even realistic.  How can a soft bellied fuzz ball with legs attack rows of long sharp thorns 

    with the same punch reserved only for the dreaded wolf spider? If this continues,  Mr. Wolf had better hang up his web and retire in shame.  A new

    terror now rules the backyard. 

    Suggestions:  Repairing the Repair Tool......very helpful

                           No damage by smaller creatures: mite, worker ant, aphids etc. 

                           Miner damage when stronger creatures (spiders, solider ant, mosquito) are killed by the trap

                           Major damage when stronger creatures are deliberately aggravated or attacked when taking damage near traps

                                   (they actually attack the trap in response to being attacked by player)

                          A longer repair reach while fixing the spike trap. (R.I.P prevention.)

                          Also, the lure trap takes damage when you are trying to repair it. It shouldn't take damage from the player at all.

                          The red blinking repair icons should disappear after the repair line is green. Some stay 'on' until you save and reload. 

                          The repair tool should not wear out so quickly.  Or create a new upgraded repair tool that is all around hardier. :)

    Otherwise, I love most of the new update. Especially the new battle music for little creatures. Saves from having a heart attack when

    you think you're being attacked by a spider or worst.....then a mite shows up. :) 




  18. PS: Still would prefer to send an entire stack down the zip line instead of one plank/stem at a time. And a new animation. Perhaps bundled with rope and hanging

    on the handles. Could require rope in your inventory to bundle and send. "Zip" could change to "zip stack" if all the requirements are met. Just a suggestion. 

    It would look amazing, follow a certain amount of required  logic, and still be convenient. 


  19. Ah......that is apparently a thing. Never knew. Strange animation though; floating on top without any connection to the line. (Not that carrying a whole stack without even holding

    on was a great visual either---But it worked. It was quick, intuitive and fun).  Still, this works as well, so......I'm gratefully relieved. Thanks for the tip, TinyMalemort!  I really appreciate

    the help. 

    Now....if I can find a way to make a mosquito repellant, maybe.......just maybe...... I'll be able to survive this update with a little bit more enthusiasm. :)  



  20. Well, the new update added fun flying critters, but canceled another useful feature as well.  Each update we seem to loose something along with

    all the other great content.  First it was the repair hammer that no longer works; then the mint mallet that can no longer crack a simple acorn;

    now the zip line can no longer be used to transport grass or weed stems. Who thought this was a necessary improvement?  Now all my  zip lines

    are  useless.  Building and transporting materials will be more time consuming than fun. And I still can't use the repair tool.  Please, please......please

    restore these features Obsidian. Thank you. :) 



  21. A wish for more "useable" furniture......great idea! I would love to see more furniture as well. Like a berry Leather Couch to go with the chair. (Too comfy to look at without the luxury to sit down and take a rest. )

    A lamp to set on the round clover table. More side tables, dressers, and stackable containers....etc. :)  Just a few more wishes to add on. :) 

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