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  1. This week I got back on the road after almost two months of being without wheels.  It's great.  It almost feels like having a car for the first time again.  And it's nice to have all the mod-cons that my old chariot was missing.

    As for today, right this minute.  I've done a big shopping run, had a massive tidy up and a red hot bath.  Now it's time for the vodka, games, music n films.

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  2. Skyrim has been my forever-game since it came out.  I'll probably skip this edition.  I'm super anal about what mods I use and the idea of 500(!) random bits of Creation Club bull**** being plastered all over the place is off putting.  Still, never say never, if the engine has any interesting changes I might be tempted.  What I really want is a new edition of Fallout 4 that fixes the atrocious performance when shadows are cranked up.

    In other news, I tried the new version of Quake and it's sodding brilliant.  Perfect.  Love it.  Loooooove it.

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  3. 56 minutes ago, Azdeus said:

    Bloody hell, my sympathies, kidney stones are something I'm massively worried about. 😨

    Oof, yeah, that sucks, I've had that happen with my car aswell, I had a headgasket leak but didn't notice it until I had stopped at a supermarket on my way home from work. I went in and bought a couple of things, and when I came out to start the engine it turned over for a quarter second or something and just jammed. Hydrolock. Popped the hood, the expansion tank was completely empty. I refilled it and went home and had my father come by the next day to help check, the tank was empty again... I cooked the engine and warped the engine head, so I had to get it milled, thankfully the engine block is cast iron so it had given basically zero ****s. 😄



    At least the next time I have a week's worth of agony I'll know what's causing it.

    Old Desmond was long overdue for a replacement but I've gotten sentimental about him.  I thought he had one last adventure in him but it wasn't to be.

  4. On 7/13/2021 at 8:10 AM, Azdeus said:

    What happened?

    A radiator clip had corroded and I lost all my coolant somewhere along the M6 and cooked the engine.  It's not the first disaster with my old car (Desmond) but it looks like the last.

    To be honest this last few months has been shot through with bad times.  I'm like some kind of disastrous Swiss cheese.  After a weekend of particularly heavy drinking a hangover turned into a minor medical emergency.  Turns out I passed a kidney stone and have six more lurking inside me 😬

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  5. 54 minutes ago, Guard Dog said:

    There are a few that are indispensable. Beantown Interiors and the ones at add interiors to many of the buildings are must have. True storms in the other ambient weather and lighting mods are also essential. I want my buildings dark, my subway is darker. Night time outside also. Light from light sources only. I like having to rely on the flashlight. I have a few that enhance difficulty, wasteland survival is a big one. Even at high level you’re not going to be able to take more than one to two bullets before going down. I have a few that slow down experience gain. I also like the ones that add constant to existing areas. Except for diamond city. I’ve tried a few of those but they seem to have conflicts with some of the weather mods. Plus you don’t spend enough time there to make it worth modding. I also have radio mods for WRVR, Cadillac jack, and galaxy news radio. Those are all really well done. I’ve got one that adds a new area to the map but I never did find it. I can’t remember where the entrance is and I did never looked it up. Maybe this time. Other than that I have a few of the immersion mods that enhance the atmosphere and add a little details to the game.


    1 hour ago, BruceVC said:

    Im glad you didnt ask me that question, Im a serious Mod groupie for  most games but particularly Bethesda games 

    I use Vortex the Nexus mod manager and for FO4 I had about 240 mods loaded, the maximum in Vortex is 255 apparently but  I was reading now about one guy using 926 mods in Skyrim SSE !!!


    Woah.  You two are balls deep in mods.  I'm surprised the game even loads 😆  I tend to keep mine super light, mostly fixes and a few dozen handmade gameplay tweaks.  Years of crashy Bethesda games have literally traumatised me.

    Talking of Beantown Interiors, I once helped the author with his New Vegas mod.  I spent about a fortnight fixing up all the spelling errors and lore inconsistencies in his notes and terminal entries.  The bugger never used them though.

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  6. 41 minutes ago, Guard Dog said:

    I guess I can’t rule out a psychological cause but I have had a life that has been blessedly free of emotional trauma. Great parents, drama free childhood, etc.  marriages didn’t work out so well but I have a clean conscience on both of them. I’m very active most days but I don’t have any kind of real exercise regimen. I may give that a try next.

    The best nights sleep I've ever had were all either at the end of a physical or emotional trial.

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  7. Went for a CT scan on my kidneys cos I almost certainly have a kidney stone...hopefully a kidney stone.  On the way home I went to do a ton of shopping at a swanky Marks & Spencer store.  When I arrived home I happened to find a rain soaked package hidden in my back yard.  This was no doubt the 60 year old record I ordered a couple of months ago.  Slight sensation of shame for persecuting the seller about it, but sod it, not my fault.

    So now I'm going to open a bottle of wine and see if this filthy record actually plays.

  8. Got up early to take delivery of a fancy new microwave/oven/grill thingy.  I've done without one for most of my adult life so it's a brave new world.  Spent the next few hours rearranging the kitchen and having a general tidy up.

    Now it's huge cup of tea and slack pants time.

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  9. 10 hours ago, BruceVC said:

    Its a great RPG,  I played it for the first time about 30 months ago and I spent 280 hours on it. I used about  200 mods and they really added to the overall experience and modified the game and narrative in an  exciting and believable way. But I only used Mods that  ensured the theme was still post-apocalyptic. For example I added Vampirism but this was a type of virus so it wasnt any incongruous " supernatural " themes that was inconsistent with  the Fallout world 


    I find it difficult to call it an RPG but as an explore-em-up and shooter it's certainly great.  I'm not going hard on the mods, almost entirely interface and gameplay tweaks with a ton of bugfixes.

    One thing that greatly improved the experience for me was playing as a female.  The voice acting is waaay more consistent.  The male character is all over the place, it's one cringe after another.

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  10. I enjoyed The Witch.  I like that so much can be done with very little.  Just a bit of woodland, a cabin and some good actors.  Though, I did prefer The Lighthouse for its humour and perversity.  More my kind of thing.

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