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  1. I'm with the guys who say no to more damnable wood elves or green Hobbiton grass but I don't think the setting is a die hard issue, the dividing line for most people seems to be real time vs turn based, I prefer real time but perhaps with the freedom to create a new system there might be a middle ground.


    Really I just want you guys to do whatever stuff you wanted to do before production costs got in the way, rage against navmeshing vast open worlds and hand placing a thousand empty bottles. The spirit of Double Fine's project is to make a specific type of game that none of today's publishers would fund, I'd love to see Obsidian follow their lead with that, nail your colours to the mast.


    Oh, full voice acting is most certainly not a requirement :)

  2. I suspect you know a direct PS:T sequel would be the wrong way to go...unless you're feeling personally touched by the hand of the creator at the moment and still have some lightning in a dusty bottle somewhere.


    The PS universe would be perfect but I'd be happy with something in the same rebellious spirit, some multi-layered philosophical twisting and a load of grim situations to resolve, give me dirt please.


    Running a few PnP games for inspiration seems to have worked well for you guys in the past, it's maybe something to keep in mind :)


    I think Onyx would be the obvious choice for the engine, it's ready to go and would suit an IE style game.


    Anyway, it's far too late/early and my mind is shutting down, it's been a very cool day.


    Thanks for listening.

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