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  1. Gee whiz, my crimes are manifest. I use an analogy to describe something, big deal. If that's all you got, you got nothing. And that's literally all you got. Except, as always, the will to go on and on in the hope the other person will simply give up from boredom. Would Biden or Trump have responded well to a question on "What would you do about Artsakh?" out of the blue. Nah, of course not. Good questions intended to get an informative response always supply the context, because in those cases the desired result is an informative response. Firing unrelated questions out with no context i
  2. Seriously, do you ever actually read what you post? I complained it was a question with no context after completely unrelated ones (that had context, your transcript showed it) and your own cite shows exactly that. Indeed, with the context added at the end- which you omitted, way to validate my complaints- it's clear that Johnson knew what he was talking about, also as I said. You get the snark first and foremost because you're utterly incapable of arguing anything in even the slightest approximation of good faith. Here's what the equivalent would be now. "Mr Trump/ Biden, what's the
  3. Good to see some self reflection from you for once, as you are indeed spouting BS. Now if only you could recognise it more often you wouldn't think Russia was going bankrupt in 6 months, think you were an expert in earthquakes having never heard of the Mercalli scale, nor complain about how people opine ignorantly on the US while telling me how reality in New Zealand exactly matches your personal experience, in the fricking Dakotas. And then there was your defence of Iraq policy and how the US didn't lie... Still, at least this time you've managed to find a transcript, unless your mythica
  4. Obviously sent by Vladimir Putin or the Ayatollah Khamenei. You should do the exact opposite of what it suggests, if you're a true patriot. Thing is, the actual answer to the question once he got the clarification was fine. Not particularly enlightening or anything, but you don't go to US politicians for nuanced and balanced views of the ME anyway unless you're a raging neocon/ neolib. Ironically- or not- that is of course what philosophy most US media subscribe to, cue Trump only becoming a 'true President' after bombing Shayrat from otherwise noted Trump fan Bryan Williams... Th
  5. Hunter Biden is clearly corrupt- or an abject moron. His only qualification for a position at Burisma was being Joe Biden's son. That's just how Ukrainian business operates, you give directorships or other positions to relatives of powerful people and you get wheels greased in return; that's why Ukraine is the most corrupt country in Europe. If he weren't Joe Biden's son he wouldn't have been considered in a million years. That equally certainly doesn't mean that Joe Biden himself has to be corrupt though, he can't control what his son does. And it also has to be said that Trump is defini
  6. There's certainly an element of majority bias at play, one of the historic criticisms of Time Spy as a benchmark was that it forced AMD cards that could do proper async compute to use a crappy fallback instead-- because nVidia cards didn't support proper async compute and could only use the crappy fallback. (Though that shouldn't be a reason for a performance difference now, since 2000 series+ do have proper async)
  7. We simply don't know enough to say much at all. Are the leaked benches even all the same chip? And it's not like Engineering Samples are all set up the same, even if they are the same chip we don't know if they're doing full power runs or whatever. Even the official benchmarks from the Ryzen presentation didn't say what chip it was. It's also kind of pointless engaging in speculation with so little time to go before we find out for reelz, but if my arm was twisted and assuming they are for the same general chip and set up... ..if there isn't some sort of semi deliberate chicanery going on
  8. Igor is out of line with most other estimates there, though not massively so. Around 280W seems to be the general consensus, and the PCB shot that leaked supports that since the VRM set up is robust, but less robust than a 3080. Though as with below that may be for a 6800XT rather than putative Biggest Navi. That graphic is likely wrong. Not the data itself, but the assumption that the benchmarks are for a 80CU unit. The leaks are from AIBs, and the consensus is that AIBs have only got Biggish Navi 6800XT (72CUs and down, most likely) with Biggest Navi(s) being 1st party AMD only,
  9. I was expecting a Daily Fail link to be honest. Don't see any problem with Subway 'bread' not being bread yet vegie snags or patties still being OK to be called that. Bread is a product where the majority of added sugar gets eaten by yeast (or there is no yeast or sugar). If you have lots of excess sugar then it's a cake. Vegie burgers or sausages are in my experience always labelled as being vegetarian because it's a selling point that they are, so there's no confusion. OTOH, I'm outraged about bananas having to have a certain curvature and cucumbers not being allowed to have any cu
  10. I'd say that Jun/Jul 2021 is at least plausible. I certainly find the rumours of bulk production at TSMC in 2021 to be rather unlikely given the sheer volume of wafers bulk production for nVidia implies, but I could see the top SKUs there by the middle of next year if they've moved to get capacity quickly enough- and Jensen hasn't worked his unique interpersonal magic. I'd suspect a lot of work had already been done for a potential TSMC release. GA100 is already there, and as was discussed here fairly extensively at the time nVidia was stating outright that TSMC would be used for some con
  11. That debate was infinitely better than the last one- not exactly glowing praise considering how bad the last one was.
  12. 12GB would have been a sensible compromise for the 3080. I hit more than 6GB VRAM used for 1440 ultrawide on games like Metro Exodus (not on the top settings either), and Watch Dogs Legion's top spec calls for 11GB- and it does look a bit bad that there is already a game that the 3080 is, at least technically, below top spec for. That would have required a bigger bus or 970 type compromise though, and the 3080 is already a large chip on quite tight margins with regards to heat. I wouldn't advise it at least yet. The TSMC switch is purely theoretical, and the release would be probably J
  13. The alleged and never announced 16/20 GB versions of the 3070/80 have equally allegedly been cancelled. Cue lots of wags asking if the 10GB version of the 3080 is still due to be released sometime or not... The rumour of the cancellation of a rumoured product is mostly interesting because of the other rumour floating around, that nVidia wants to do a TSMC based refresh of 3000 series already. Not that extra memory made much sense anyway except to increase thermals even more unless you were a content creator type, in which case nVidia would probably prefer you to buy a 3090 or a pro card a
  14. Setting your own winning conditions is great, as it's only limited by your imagination.
  15. Oh god yes. Absolute pet peeve of mine. It's in the name people, an RPG is Rocket Propelled; something like a Panzerfaust or PIAT is not Rocket Propelled so it's not an RPG.
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