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  1. on the example of cs go esports broadcasts. Russian broadcast is in 2-3 place in the world. many in the cis get games through pirated torrents((
  2. payments are empty talk. everyone played and are playing games with payments. single-play games are dying or add payments to them (online). stupid people choose easy genres and online multiplayer games with payments.
  3. it is important to think over the payment system. any online game should be profitable. in the distant future when the game is completed for the mass player. 1) in-game store - endless items, resources, in-game money, boosters and more. 2) paid subscription - access to disposable items (one-time purchase), cosmetics, skins, VIP profile design, decorations for a character / weapon / item and more. if the game is far from pure survival genre, then some income options can be applied. Or leave it single play (coop). no servers, no support, no costs.
  4. Hi. add dedicated servers to grounded. so that 40 people play in one session (1 session = 40 people). add co-op pve missions for 3 people (sometimes outside the map). also pvp mode for 10 people (5 vs 5). solo quests with a different storyline, sometimes outside the map (an interesting location with different enemies). pve and pvp modes are common (united) for players of all sessions. make clans if possible. clan wars in pve and pvp modes. clan players are awarded clan points. total points are summed up. chat for session, friends, clan and region chat (one language, one region).
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