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  1. I'll preface by saying I love the game so far, excited to see how it develops!

    I've been encountering the following bugs during my playthrough with my sister. I host and my sister plays as a guest on the save file. I emailed the save file to the support email address.

    Difficulty Mode:
    - Starting a new game it allowed us to select a difficulty mode and we selected "Woah" mode, but when "continuing" a save, it bumps us down to Medium, and doesn't allow us to select a difficulty. Unsure if the glitch is that we shouldn't have been allowed to start a new game in Woah mode in multiplayer, or if the glitch is that it wouldn't let us continue with that difficulty after re-loading the save. We would prefer to play in Woah mode if that was intended to be an option for multiplayer

    - Both players were playing together, but the guest still sees the large purple fire effect, even after the story was progressed. The guest was the one who took the actions to progress the story.

    - Guest sees items, like aphid honeydew, floating in the air in various locations. Host doesn't see them and Guest can't interact.

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