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  1. Okay - so Beamdog has just stated that they will release a completely new Infinity Engine game. Read here.


    "We’ve mentioned before that Adventure Y will be an addition to the Baldur’s Gate line using the Infinity engine, bridging the gap between Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition and Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition."


    Just... Wow. This is happening in 2015. There might be hope for humanity after all.


    Those Beamdog hacks really want to make Baldur's gate 3, don't they? This is probably some effort to test waters, wish them the worst sales numbers imaginable.

  2. Day One purchase on Steam for me.

    So you are going to support and pay 20$ for a slamdunk made by people who are not even the original developers? They no longer have that flimsy "Two of us worked at Bioware at one point guise!" excuse for IWD.

    Here they just ported the previous EE changes, some mods and content from previous BGs (which will probably wreck the game). But at least you will get that STORY MODE difficulty so you can enjoy the meat of this game eh?


    Watch Dogs with that new graphics unlocker, makes the game look like the original E3 2012 tech demo


    It looks the same as base game except everything is really blurry and bloomy. PC gamers show yet again how utterly moronic they are. All it takes is making the character shortsighted and hey, it's nextgen now! It was a conspiracy too!

  4. Binary Domain. I've blasted through to chapter 4 yesterday and had a lot of fun. Too bad MP is mostly dead and getting platinum will be next to impossible. And i really don't get the reviews for this game. It's like they played a completely different game.

    Reviewers are brainless morons, didn't notice that yet?

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  5. Binary Domain gets PC release next month


    Looks cool, anybody played it?



    Edit: Pre-order on Steam possible now. April 6th release date.


    That was quick.


    Wow, excellent news. Right now I'm doing a second playthrough, I generally don't like TPS but the shooting in Binary Domain is soo good. Love the bosses and even the encounters with normal enemies are great. And shooting off robot heads, who then start attacking other robots never gets old. Then you have likeable teammates, upgradeable weapons/stats/trust, intriguing story with multiple endings (and two sewer/waste levels) :thumbsup:

  6. Excuse me if this has already been mentioned, but I thought it was important enough that I should try to see it brought to someone's attention.

    Presumably, quite a lot of financial trouble has hit Obsidian due to them not receiving their bonus for Fallout: New Vegas over the Metacritic score - one point of difference, an 84 instead of an 85. However, I noticed something while I was reading through those reviews.


    One of the Metacritic reviews for Fallout: New Vegas, by a German reviewer from a website known as Gamestar, is actually not for Fallout: New Vegas. It is for the Honest Hearts DLC, which he gives a 72%, rated as 'Gut' (Good). That review (as well as the overview where you can check the score) are available here:




    It's in German, but the URL and a simple google translate both make it abundantly clear that this is a review for the Honest Hearts DLC. Now, this is where things get interesting.


    This same reviewer also reviewed Fallout: New Vegas itself. The kicker? He gave it an 88%, 'Sehr Gut' (Very Good). The New Vegas review (and overview with score) is available here:




    Now, obviously, this is something of a screw up on Metacritic's part. Not only have they posted an incorrect review, but an incorrect review with a considerably lower score. I don't know if this is something that Obsidian's staff are already aware of, or if it is too late to change things now, or even if this would have been enough to tip you over the edge into a score of 85 at all - but I thought it was worth bringing it to your attention.

    I have a great respect for Obsidian as a company, and consider you to have some of the finest writers in the current videogame RPG climate (in fact, I consider working as a writer at Obsidian a possible career goal of mine) and I would hate to see you suffering as a company because of a simple misunderstanding or mistranslation.


    If this isn't the correct place for this, or if I should instead be emailing it to somebody or whathaveyou, please let me know. I just wanted to bring this to your attention in the hopes that, just maybe, it'll push your score over the edge and earn you that bonus from Bethesda.




    Gamestar - 88

  7. Was really disapointed by the ME3 demo so I bought Binary Domain instead. I'm no big fan of shooters but ripping apart robots one piece after another is awesome. And the bosses are suberb. I hope a sequel gets made, even if it's unlikely because of poor sales :(

    Also started FXIII, expected total crap but it's not that bad really. Enjoyable when played in small doses.

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