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  1. Who's Mr. Squid? I am a squid, but I ain't not no none Mr. Squid.

  2. Very.....nice avatar. DO THAT ARM THING!

  3. Madison, Mississippi? Is that in northern, southern or middle MS?

  4. It would appear I am looking at a fellow Kingdom Hearts 2 fan. Howdy!

  5. Nice Avatar. What is it, a bat-squid? Looks neat...

  6. Hi, D_D. Welcome to the forums.

  7. Welcome to the forums! :)

  8. Hey. can somebody help me? I am trying to change my avatar, and on My Controls, it says I have the new avatat, but everywhere else the enforcer one is used

  9. *Ahem* How did you do the Pokemon President Battle Sig??

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