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  1. I only played that Rock Paper Scissors game by Rockstar, it kinda sucked.
  2. killing non-white ppl will always be what AmeriKKKa does best
  3. i was looking for the Stratovarius song
  4. It's just a boring setting. At least Shadowrun has dragons.
  5. I'm sure he's in Limbo
  6. I'm confident the World will be able to succesfully decouple from Amerika in time before the next GQP moron is elected.
  7. There should have been a rogue Sailor Senshi villainess Sailor Nibiru
  8. Cyberpunk came and went by like a train past a pasture of cows.
  9. "'The Mandalorian' Star Gina Carano Fired Amid Social Media Controversy." Did she portray a Hutt?
  10. Communism doesn't work. Amerika makes sure of that.
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