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  1. I'd love for it to be something original. Planescape setting is good, but with the AD&D license in Atari's hands, it's a long shot (unless the PS license is issued separately).


    When it comes to settings, the modern world is relatively untouched: apart from Alpha Protocol, I have trouble recalling other games that'd focus solely on modern-day politics, intrigue and espionage.


    So, one possible game to create would be an RPG set in the modern world, focusing on, for example, the Iraq and Afghanistan war, or the current spree of revolutions in the Middle East or even Europe fraught with economical problems. This would also give the freedom to accomodate various ethnicities and both genders, with the current more or less egalitarian treatment (at least in the first world).


    Another possibility is an RPG set in or immediately before the Great War (1914-1918). The First World War is often ignored by people and rarely features in games. But there's so much potential to be had there! The Great War started a revolution in warfare and marked the transition from 19th century ethics, technologies and society to the revolutions of the 20th century. There's so much themes to tackle with events such as the introduction of the tank, chemical weapons and trench warfare, the Great Game, changes in the political landscape (1917 revolution, US dropping isolationism to aid the Entente nations, the fall of the Ottoman Empire etc.)


    Or do something like Meantime :)

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