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  1. 2 hours ago, JerseyTechGuy said:

    The link on the announcement page to the patch notes for 3.3 is broken.  But after going into version 3.3 of the game it doesn't look like much of anything was patched anyway.  Cloud saves still either don't load (Crash Game), load to day 0, or sit there indefinitely.  I also checked a few other known issue and they still seem there.  Was patch 3.3 just to keep people quiet?

    page loads fine for me.  And i have no issues with the saves now or the pallets, haven't with pallets for a few patches now since they fixed it the first time.

    Short list of notes =

    • Fixed random client crash when pickup up items
    • Fixed crash with destroying Plank Pallet or Stem Pallet building
    • Fixed crashes dealing with Cloud Save syncing on the Main Menu
    • Fixed issues with saves not properly uploading or downloading from the Xbox Cloud causing corrupted or missing saved game
  2. On 10/19/2020 at 5:15 PM, cstanick said:

    These are both good ideas! I wonder if a timer on screen would make too much clutter if you're in close proximity to a few different resources. Transitional phases could be cool, and if the player tries to cut that down, they get fewer resources than normal. I'll be forwarding these suggestions to the team for consideration! ❤🐜

    what if they had a timer when you targeted the resource like the spinning wheel timer?  That would cut down on the clutter shown if you have multiple items waiting to regrow in the same spot.

  3. 24 minutes ago, YaBoyJenkins said:

    Now that's an idea I could get behind. Wrapper armor could look really cool (I would imagine it would look like an astronaut suit or knight armor.) I also thought that it would be cool if there was a flower bed full of roses that we could cut off thorns off of (you could use thorns for a spear.) 

    we have roses and thorns in the game already, roses are to the east of the Oak tree along the pond.

    Not sure on wrapper armor, ever see ants go after a candy bar?  they rip through the wrapper quite easily.  I think it would be cool if we could use the pop cans around the yard, make that into tier 4 armor and weapons/tools like discussed above with a forge.

  4. 21 hours ago, steelgod101a said:

    Bombardier fights are annoyingly dumb. Getting hit with acid attack is one thing, but being stunned on top of that ensuring you cant jump out of the acid puddle until its drained 90% of your health away is just stupid. The only way I have been able to defeat these things is waiting to find one glitched out stuck in or on a rock and shoot it to death from afar with arrows. That stunn needs to be removed or the amount of damage per second from the acid puddle needs to be drasticly reduced. Pick one,... do both.

    the damage was changed last patch,  they upped the acid and lowered the physical damage.  They're still just as easy to fight as before, i've never used the smoothie, just use a bandage and mint mallet or dagger, they fall quick.

  5. On 8/7/2020 at 9:07 PM, Z0RG said:

    So I cannot find any information on this. I've see a few people say that insects aren't supposed to spawn however I've seen several streamers playing in creative and they have insects.  My wife has been playing many hours of the game so far all in creative mode and she had insects spawning and then all of a sudden a couple days ago they were just gone.  The patch didn't change anything, she deleted all her saves and the reserve space on the console.  The only thing she hasn't done yet is uninstall.  I'm not sure how that would change anything but that can definitely be tried.  So I guess I'm just wondering, is no insects intentional and all the streamers you see and her prior experience with insects in creative mode the bug and the no insects she is getting now the way it should be?

    There has never been insects in creative mode.  it's just a free build mode.  Your wife must have been mistaken which game mode she was in?  Don't believe everything you see in streams and youtube, they often use mods and other cheats.

  6. On 10/18/2020 at 12:10 AM, sifutao72 said:

    Playing on Xbox as well. The save issues started around the same time for me this week, Tuesday. Mine started happening right around the time I finished the hedge quest, "jungle temple" quest. Was on the way back to turn it in and saved the game. That is the last good save I was able to make. Anytime I save the game and try to load the new save the game crashes during loading. Xbox cloud saved games seems to be broken. I have also tried loading a save from 3 weeks ago and that will load but if I try and save the game using that instance, the same thing happens, the new save won't load. So this either started since the last patch or something changed Tuesday. I can't say for sure but I did play on Sunday this week with no issues. Hopefully is fixed soon because can't make any progress in the game since saving is broken. 

    can't happen just out of the blue.  check your updates, did you download an update for Grounded on Tuesday?  if not it's a coincidence.

  7. 35 minutes ago, Michael Skinner said:

    If I had to guess , I would say that from all the posts that I have seen surrounding this particular issue, that it seems to have something to do with when a player enters or interacts with the newly changed Hedge Zone.  I have noticed a large number of people having this issue AFTER they visited the Hedge Zone.  Consequently, this is also the phase of the game at which my saves started to label as "Unknown".  

    Anyway, just an observation , thought I would share in case it was helpful to anyone. :)   Cheers!  

    i think people just noticed it after.  It's been doing this for a few patches.

  8. 1 hour ago, steelgod101a said:

    As it turns out its not just player built structures thats halting Dandelion and weed regrowth, but pre built structures as well. Up the main path from first spawn, past the first analyzer, behind the clover patch, next to the mysterious machine there are two Dandelions that when cut down will also never regrow. Obviously this is because of thier proximity to the mysterious machine.

    those are the 2 i was referring to, they grow back for me.

  9. yes there's been other posts about some of these issues.  They're listed on the issue tracker, check these out and send in the info requested if you can.



    I don't see the zipline issue reported on the issue board.  you should send them your experience.


  10. 2 hours ago, steelgod101a said:

    I figured out what I was doing wrong. I had my base set up right next to that first analyzer for one thing. Aparrently even that is too close to at least one of those nearby dandelions on top of the hill there. Second I built Trail Markers by all the weeds and dandelions i came accross so i could easily navigate back to them later. That was all a mistake. Having player built anything within a cirtain proximity of the dandelions and or weeds STOPS THE RESPAWN. I started a new game, built my base some where between the first analyzer and the mint case, and used no Trail Markers this time. Takes 6 days, but all the dandelions are regrowing now and I've been leaving the dandelion stumps just in case. In my previous game the red weed plants that did regrow did so with or without the stumps and were regrowing in around 3 to 4 days, much faster than dandelions do.


    In the end what I think they need to add is a radius circle that appears around the blueprint your about to lay that highlights all the plants and everything else within that radius that will be affected by building an object at that location so that players can clearly see how far away they need to be to build things like Trail Markers and other structures and not upset the regrowth of resources in that area.

    Nice catch, i didn't even think about proximity.  I like the idea of a radius like this, would save a lot of frustration.

  11. This game is in testing, you're playing a preview version, bugs and glitches are expected, we play to find and report them to have a great game when it's fully released next year.  i've seen some of my saves act like it's loading a previous save, i'll load up the save and the roof and walls on my base i placed last time are missing. 

    how many save files do you have?  might help to remove all but the last 3 or so.  My work around for this is to make a manual save, then go into the game menu and quit, so it does a logout save.  Then, make sure you quit the game with the xbox button. 

    Oh and don't use the quick resume the Xbox uses, it is really buggy with Grounded, if i forget and use it i have seen issues like you describe, as well as sound issues and weird graphic effects sometimes.

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