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  1. I'm sure you don't want 'Everything' related to psychology and metaphysics. I mean, they can't throw in everything considered to be 'mature' content. I don't mind folks using the term 'mature' per se, but you have folks wanting all sorts of crazy things to play a major part in the game. The devs have to use some discretion in including mature themes if they want to treat any of those themes with maturity.

    "Everything" in the context of setting and story. Not literally everything. And yes, mature themes are often misrepresented, especially in gaming industry.
  2. If somebody started a topic about his personal preferences in politics, it would probably be locked very soon. This topic is exactly the same kind of attempt at promoting somebody's personal opinion as a fact and everybody who doesn't agree with his opinion is suddenly a homophobe, because that's not politically correct attitude or whatever.

    Dude if you want to fight for your gay rights, that's fine, but go someplace else. Obsidian has nothing to do with that.

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