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  1. 6 minutes ago, Boeroer said:

    I'd like crafting and player homes to be as absent as loading times. Unlimited stash. No romances at all. Thank you! :*


    I'm curious why anyone would want to dumb down a game that at some level is intended for us play a role. Having the option to play a character who crafts his or her own weapons and armor, or wishes to create potions, scrolls, or to enchant those same weapons and armor is, for me and many others, very  important in a(n) AAA game. 

    As for the presence of player homes and romances, Why not? I am not inclined to indulge in either, myself, but having the opportunity to do so is probably a good thing.

    Possessing an endless inventory system means that the game is merely another shallow action shooter or hack em up. There's enough of those being produced these days. 

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  2. 7 hours ago, bradnm said:

    I'd like to see the ability to have companions, so I can make a team like in PoE2:Deadfire.

    Effectively I want PoE3. It's what I want to spend my money on.

    From past experience, using companions in a first person action rpg doesn't really work. There is no way to pause the game so you can issue orders, the NPCs get in the way when you are attacking or in tight quarters, and they will suck away experience points or interfere with leveling your skills too. A horse or mule or dog to carry my goods is all I'd want in a companion.


    Following an NPC who is involved with a side trek would be more useful in my opinion. The character has its own agenda and I'm just tagging along to help them through the tough parts. This has it's problems too. I have often spent way too much time trying to keep these characters alive, especially if they have a particularly aggressive AI.

  3. I'm sort of hoping that I won't have to play through the main quest every time I load a new game. In Skyrim I can ignore the main quest and any other quest line in the game and still have a blast. I have a prospector who is now level 51 who has never even spoken to the people in Riverwood about the dragon attack on Helgen.


    I would also really like it if the npcs in the game were a little more reactive to the things going on around them, like when a companion is killed. Please don't just have them sit next to a dead body of a friend and just go on like the corpse isn't just rotting two feet away from them.

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  4. I have never been happy with the way skill checks were done in F;NV. I hate not being able to influence an outcome just because my special score wasn't high enough for the challenge. from my perspective all or nothing requirements are not good. 

    I would like to see a system where even the absolutely abysmal character can expect to succeed at least one time out of a hundred tries. 

    Whether we receive experience points for slaughtering stuff, or for completing quests and missions doesn't really matter to me. What I would like is for my character to feel he is at least capable of success and knows that at some point he can get better at them is way more important than how he gets there.

    I would also like the ability to choose which of my character's skills and abilities get nerfed and which ones I can increase at the outset, and along the way.

  5. Mods. this is the reason the elder scrolls last as long as they do.

    With a robust game editor and some artistic coding you can do almost anything. 

    What I'm hoping for is the ability to completely ignore the main story line so I can go anywhere and do anything I want. 

    head over to the nexus mods and have a look at the thousands of mods there. TES, Fallout, and many other games are represented there. 

  6. My experience with first person combat is that it is only useful when using a bow or crossbow.  Because the field of view is so narrow and the sense of depth is wrong it is difficult for me to melee opponents in first person. Give me a bow and a good stealth score and I.m all good. I would have a very hard time enjoying this game if I can't effectively fight with a melee weapon. This means I would need a robust third person view to play this kind of game.

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