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  1. draego - did not know that armor bonuses did not count while you shift. is it just body armor or anything you wear - gloves , ring , etc. What about potions or edible you consume before shifting
    Boereor does seem to be quite knowledgeable about the game ( and so do you ) I will follow his advice and go with the boar

    I am hoping to restart this weekend.  I expect the beginning will be more difficult as i learn the mechanics of the game using a full party.  Even though i have played all the infinity engine games   ( that was around 20 years ago ) this seems so much harder.  It has  been a very long time since i played a real time with pause game. I recall really liking it a lot in those games so will have to see how it goes.


  2. Thank you both for your help

    draego - had not thought about reach weapons but that is a good idea especially when you leave the shifted form you are in melee range

    I went into the bear cave alone and got creamed. not used to having a game that has an area that is so much more difficult than for your level.

    the talents for the 2 builds you linked to are just about identical but neither chose the one talent that Boeroer mentioned - Veteran's Recovery

    Boeroer - appreciate the equipment and potion suggestions. will have to keep that in mind. I assume the equipment is much later in the game - past act 1.

    what type of armor should i wear - light or medium.

    when should veterans recovery be picked . my first talent went to weapon focus peasant.  Is Veteran's Recovery only for use with the boar

    so you feel that the regeneration of the boar is better than all the extra defense you get from the stag.  

    I did try the beginning of the game with 8 con instead of 10 con and it seemed to make very little difference.
    so now thinking of stats like this  MIG: 16  CON: 8  DEX: 14  PER: 10  INT: 16  RES: 14


  3. I am not sure if this should be posted here or builds forum as there they seem to be mainly for POTD

    I  recently got this game with the 2 expansions . I like the sound of the druid for my main character as it seems to have a lot of versatlity.

    some info about my planned style of playing and what I am looking for
    - will be playing on normal difficulty
    - will want a party of 6 using the premade characters you pick up while exploring and take on every one in the party just for their story quest.  without knowing the actual companions thinking of a main party of fighter and paladin in the front, middle row of me the druid and cipher with back row of wizard and priest.
    - like to have good dialog choices
    - will only be playing once so i want to get the most out the one play
    - As far as race I like the sound of moon godlike because of the healing. But wondering if that is worth the cost of losing the helmet  .
    - do NOT want to min max as i don't like having a stat below 10 but may possibly consider going to 8 constitution due to the racial bonus if that is really advantageous for the build
    - want the druid to be able to both shape shift and cast spells. I have played to level 3 and got 2 companions Aloth and Eder and did the first floor of the temple until the bell puzzle. So i think early on will want to concentrate on shapeshifting until i get more spells - perhaps level 5 to 7 ( don't really know when you get a decent amount of spells to work with )

    Have no idea what animal form to choose .

    this is the stats I used when i rolled my character  MIG: 16  CON: 10  DEX: 12  PER: 10  INT: 16  RES: 14  with living lands and colonist.

    should DEX and PER be reversed ?
    if I was to lower CON to 8 ,where is the best place to put  those 2 points
    Which is more important - might or int ?

    for my weapon was thinking of using a bow - good or bad idea as I did not want to be on the front line - will leave that to the fighter and paladin companions ?

    what talents do I take ?

    Appreciate any help  from those who know the game well .


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