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  1. If the developers don't feel they can handle romance well, how can they think they can handle other emotions/relationships?


    Love is a fundamental human emotion, just as basic and primal and in-avoidable as anger, or humor.


    If you take 6-8 random people and put them in a somewhat isolated group for just a few weeks, regardless of age/sex/gender/race or ethnic background/socio-economic class/language (or any other category that can be applied), there will be romance and sexual relationships. It's nearly impossible to avoid.


    I'm baffled at the idea that Chris Avellone would say that he wouldn't be including romance in this game. So many projects of his had reasonably well-handed romantic elements for their particular worlds (Fallout's expression of "romance" was very different from Planescape Torment's, but both were good).


    Flirting, innuendo, and expressions of closer attachment seem almost required in a modern RPG that develops character relationships. Especially if the game is being presented as "mature". Love and sex in the script wouldn't automatically make a game mature, but pretending they don't exist seems rather immature.

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