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  1. This build is a lot of fun, the damage is insane and you're pretty sturdy between Mirrored Image + Drugs (Whiteleaf heals me for 4.1 health per 3 seconds alone).

    I played it as dual Sabers instead because I think Tarn's or Grave Calling in your offhand are better than Rannig's. I was overloaded with Accuracy, so the Rapier bonus was meh + the modal isn't really needed once you get Enduring Dance (both actives, no stacking). I can probably drop my accuracy gloves and pet, too.


    This screenshot below was against the Porokoa at the end of SSS on upscaled PotD, it's a Heartbeat Drumming proc.  Just my character alone is debuffing its deflection by 44 - essentially making my whole party have 50%+ crit chance on it. I have 100% crit without even using Helm of the White Void or Enduring Dance. This means you could have 100% crit even on targets with 120+ deflection, which is awesome, and Confounding Blind + Tarn's makes it a cinch for your whole party to land attacks.

    With this accuracy + debuffs, you have unlimited full, stunning attacks from Stunning Surge and just plow through anyone's HP. Really awesome DPS build for a party, enjoying it a lot.



  2. On 5/13/2020 at 8:39 PM, Frykas said:

    Rapier(!) (+20 Acc modal with -50% Recovery penalty

    Should be +50%?


    On 5/13/2020 at 8:39 PM, Frykas said:

    Sabres (always in off hand so we get +2 pen for free becaus for full attacks, only main hand recovery counts)

    Isn't this backward? Full attacks use OH recovery. If you want to Full Attack and get +2 Pen for free, Sabre should be in your MH.

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