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  1. Maybe KotOR3 doesn't have to be about Reven or the Exile, maybe it can be from another Sith or Jedi's point-of-view. From force users that we've left behind to re-build the republic.


    In the game your charater would know that Reven left and would waiting for his/her return. You'd be searching known space trying to find out what happened to the exile. You could meet up with some old characters from KotOR 1 and 2.


    The game doesn't have to be about going out and finding the True Sith, or about finding and helping Reven. Maybe the game could be about finding the exile and starting something else entirely different from what Reven was doing to help the republic. Maybe you'd help the republic in a complete different way.


    This idea could make an interesting game, but I'm pretty sure most KOTOR fans are dying to know what Revan and the Exile are doing after K2 in the unknown regions.


    I'd rather see a KotOR 3 where you are able to play a raw character. One game should be enough to cover the story and life of the pc.

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