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  1. One interesting point to bring up is the ground floor. Will it be more than just a trashbin? Will items persist over time and then be taken as in TOEE? I liked how they handled it. What I dont like is dropping 20 swords and have them all occupy the same spot on the floor.


    Agreed on the keyring, I think even Ultima 7 had it? Not sure now. Maybe it was only with Exult.


    As for separate tabs, The Witcher series does this and it works well, however in a more proper isometric RPG where you can really define your character, I'd like to have the opportunity to miss on a quest for dropping an item.


    EDIT: One of the worst parts of NWN1 was having quests DIRECTLY tied to an item. If you didn't pick up a dead troll's head, the quest journal wouldnt even acknowledge that you had killed him!

  2. I'm not entirely sure thematically mature means that its about torture and gore though. Torment was mature and had lots of gore but in descriptions, still bodies opened for autopsy, etc. What made the game mature was its theme about immortality, "what can change the nature of man" and all that. Of course, being able to pop your eye socket out and trade it for another is definitely graphic, even if its all text!


    I would appreciate violent deaths on critical hits only. We definitely don't need the bloodbaths of a certain RPG series (how does the blood get everywhere like that?!).

  3. ....

    Toying with an idea, Working on 3 factions within the order as an idea and making shields for those orders i.e.


    in Dragonlance The Knights of Takhisis had Knight of The Lily, Knight of The Skull, and The Knight of The Thorn.


    The Knights of Solomnia had Order of the Crown Order of the Sword and Order of the Rose


    I was thinking Knight of the Orchid, Knight of the Bramble and Knight of the Soul


    What do peeps think? i can do the Orchid, Bramble and soul motifs if everyone agrees and you can copy them form my photo-bucket site :)


    Shout out to a fellow Dragonlance fan! I'm incredibly sad they never made an Infinity Engine game set in Dragonlance...

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  4. Companions that offer practical skills beyond combat abilities. Mind you, I don't want something like in New Vegas where you have veronica and Ed-e as portable crafting stations. More like... well, if one of your companions is a street thug, he should be able to pitch in and make your Intimidation better.


    Something like "(While cracking knuckles) When the boss is angry, I'm angry. And you won't like what the both of us can do when we're right angry, savvy, boyo?" Which, you know, is actually a horrible idea on its own, but at least it gives some idea of what I'm talking about.


    Storm over Zehir had something like that didn't it? I loved the use of everyone's skills. It was a lovely game.

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