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  1. This is the continuation of my previous post about 2 bugs that bother me in the game. (The pale elf glitch from before also happens to this character)

    2nd bug: Look at how long her fingers are! This only seems to happen whenever I have the "Príncipi Clothing" item equipped.


    Difference whenever I'm using any other armor:


    I realize that this is a really minor issue, but c'mon I really like the look she has I don't want to change it. Please fix it, thanks.

  2. So there's 2 bugs or glitches (I don't really know what to call them) that have been bugging me for years now and have never been addressed to this day. (09/04/2020)

    (Won't be able to post the second glitch in this post since I've ran out file space, I'll make a new post soon)

    They are as follows: 


    1st one:  His torso and face don't match in skin color, I've only seen this happening to pale elves and it happens every time I load a save file or autosave file,  or when (this happens less often) I enter a different area, what fixes it is unequiping an item, doesn't matter what item it is. But I've honestly had enough of it doing over and over again every time I enter somewhere or load a save, so please fix it.


     Here's how it should be after applying the fix: 



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