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  1. 2 hours ago, Jewelsmith said:

    I just did this battle yesterday (can send you a link to my YouTube video if you want to see what I did). First time through, I was able to hack my way past it, then I reloaded an earlier save and did it without hacking, just to see what would happen. I had 1000s of ammo of all types and took a level 32 deadeye assault rifle II and level 20 Thunder, a special named rifle that does shock damage. I also had the mind control science weapon, which seemed to help against the drones. Felix and Max were with me but went down pretty quickly, and as soon as they'd get up they'd go down again. It can be time consuming but it's possible to win. I was on normal difficulty.

    Keep moving, pay attention to your health bar, run around to let it regen on its own if you have to conserve the adreno. The drones come out in waves as you whittle down RAM's health, so stay away from him and put down the drones, then focus on him again. I would hide around the side of a pillar (or whatever those things were in the center with the hibernation chambers) and then just as RAM came into view, I'd fire several shots and run before he could rush me. Aim for his arm or back, not the shield (you probably know that). Right after he rushes, he will go into a brief recovery period, kind of bent over and still for a few seconds, that's a good time to shoot him a lot.

    If you just can't do it, maybe backtrack and pick up some ammo or reload an earlier save and gear up a little more? Good luck. 

    Hi There,

    I actually did end up beating him shortly after I posted this. I backtracked and wandered around the various platforms, desperately trying to scavenge items that would help me. I ended up finding an energy cannon (unsure of the precise name), and used this is my main weapon of choice. I would direct the attack towards the back of at him, and when the drones would emerge, I would hide in one of the hibernation chambers to restore my health. If any drones entered these rooms, I'd swat them away with an energy bat thing (again unsure of the precise name), and as a result would gain extra power cells for my main weapon. This method took me a little while, but wow it was a good feeling beating him in the end. Thanks very much for taking the time to reply to me in such detail, hopefully somebody in the future can find this for assistance. 

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  2. I've reached the final boss with very limited resources and ammo, in fact I only have one adreno. I'm at a bit of a loss of what to do, as I don't have the hacking levels required to beat the boss that way, I've tried crippling the boss and then shooting him in the weak point in his back, I can whittle his health away to about half way, but it's the drones that kill me. If anybody has any advice, it would be much appreciated, I'm playing on normal mode was I'm hoping it won't be IMPOSSIBLE, even if it is difficult with the weapons and build I have.

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